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Nicole Lapin is HOT CNN News Anchor (PHOTOS)

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Nicole Lapin is 24 years old and has been a CNN anchor since May 2006.  The daughter of a scientist and a former beauty queen, Lapin was raised in Los Angeles and attended Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.

She is an anchor on Live and appears regularly on CNN Headline News, CNN and CNN International.  The attractive brunette is single.

Check out her colleague Naamua Delaney here.

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Actually, my vote would be for Kiran Chetry. She has the face of an angel. It seems to be natural beauty. I hope so....because she is gorgeous.


If you actually watched LIVE, you'd see Nicole Lapin is a sensational anchor. She's talented, witty, and beyond beautiful. Good for her that she's already accomplished more in her life than most people do in a lifetime.


This is what someone called "hot?" I've seen 40 year old women hotter than this quick and burn flame.


Nicole Lapin is disingenuous and has the phoniest on-camera voice like she's Rick Dee's or something. She is known to elbow her way to the top and she's only 24. Odds are - she'll stay online for CNN, and that's it. She may be attractive, but arrogance exudes her.


Nicole Lapin is my favorite CNN anchor! She makes the news so much better!


For women, the most important thing in life is to be HOT. You can be smart, you can be skilled but if you're not also hot, you're always second best. Unless you are Oprah. She's second to no one.