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Caroline "Caz" Pal: Michael Phelps Girlfriend

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michael phelps las vegas

Caroline "Caz" Pal, Michael Phelps' girlfriend, spent Thanksgiving in Baltimore with the Olympic champ and his family.

Caroline Pal is a 26-year-old cocktail waitress at the Moon Nightclub in the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas.

"She's there meeting his family for the first time," a source close to Pal told People magazine.

Phelps has been spending time in Las Vegas working on his poker game and hopes to participate in the 2009 World Series of Poker.

Some people think Caz is the cocktail waitress Phelps was groping in the infamous photos that made the rounds on the net a few months ago.  'Memba those?

I haven't been able to dig up much on Caz, however, I did note that there was an event at Moon Nightclub on October 16, titled "Champagne Seduction - A Birthday Celebration for Caz," which was touted with the promo below.

caz moon nightclub

I also found a Facebook profile for a Caz Pal in Los Angeles.  Not being on her friend's list, I was only able to see the thumbnail picture, but after enlarging it a bit, I have to say, I still can't tell much.

caz pal facebook

Could the Caz in the birthday celebration photos be the same as one of the girls in the Facebook pic?  And if so, then it definitely doesn't look like the same girl in the aforementioned groping photos...

UPDATE: Seems I was right.  Photos of Caz have now hit the net, and she is definitely the girl in the pics above.  (see many more pictures below)

One thing I have learned is that cocktail waitresses at Moon Nightclub apparently have one up on the rest of us in meeting and dating celebs.  George Clooney's ex-gal pal, Sarah Larson, also worked at the club when the two met.

More photos of Caroline Pal below.

caroline “caz” palcaroline pal michael phelps girlfriendcaz pal michael phelps girlfriendmichael phelps girlfriend caroline palcaroline pal naughtycaroline pal and friendscaroline pal bikini

Just Jared has many more photos of Caz, and some are quite naughty!

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You all know hes dating like 4 girls right now?
shes just a notch in his belt, right behind the eight golds. His cares if hes happy, if hes happy dating three other chicks go Mike, but i mean, you can't tell me if she was "me-so-horny"-ing you, you wouldn't go for it...


of course...she looks like a typical vegas girl in these pics...but Im sure there is something about this girl he adores...and from what ive heard she was the smartest WIZ KIDin school and the sweetest person she isnt your typical vegas girl if shes got the brains to back it up..SO THERE!


You're kidding me right? He can have anyone he wants and he goes for a busted looking stripper? I have seen cashiers at Walmart that have more going for them than this chick. She looks like a 14 year old boy with implants. Poorly done.


Come on and give her a break. Caz is clearly for Phelps or he would have dumped her after one date.


I would just like the point out that Michael Phelps has been very rich for quite a long time now. He has not just recently become so. What he HAS recently become is extremely famous outside of swimming circles. And, yes, he IS a lucky man, but it's not because he can nab a skank like Caz. There are millions of girls just like her who would love to do Michael Phelps, and probably plenty who are hotter. Am I supposed to be impressed that the most famous athlete in the world can get a hot girlfriend? Please.


You're saying that Michael should find a nice girl, huh Michael Phelps will not listen to you. Leave them alone and mind your own life you haters & racist! or better yet go to a doctor or psychiatrist cos your insecurity level is soaring high.


why don't you people just grow up and leave them alone so what is wrong with a smoking hot girl friend you all are just jealous


Please Michael! after all youve done and how long youve worked for it...dont blow it now! it doesnt seem like him for this type of girl! i cant believe his mom approves!


oh and it's easy to have a banging ass body when you borrow thousands of dollars from a nice guy!! ahhh i hope she rotts, and Mike if you happen to read all this crap-you might want to investigate her past in California dear-and better hold on to that wallet a little tighter..I know PLENTY of men she owes money too...


Good-"Caz" why don't you think about paying your debt off you GOLD DIGGING Nguyen-and yes I know EVERYTHING about this "woman" i've known this "woman" for the last decade-shes nothing but a beastly looking gold digging tramp-living on his fame... for christ sake-she started an official "caz" page for being micahels gf-shes so PATHETIC!!! PS: Check out 5th wheel from 03 I think, her ass gets dissed on National TV for being busted-FUNNIEST crap ever! I think imma call her and ask how does it feel to be in the limelight twice and still get called UGLY!?! hahahahhaha