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 full affleck garner 07 wenn5223203

It looks like Jennifer Garner and husband Ben Affleck are either trying for a 2008 tax deduction or the first baby of the New Year.  The couple entered Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles this morning and we're betting they won't be leaving until they have welcomed the arrival of their second child.

We may be reaching, but she's holding her back like she might be having a contraction and Affleck looks like he could be timing a contraction in the above pic?

The couple have a three year old daughter Violet.

On an unrelated note, Jen had lunch with sex therapist Dr. Holly Hein yesterday.

More photos below.

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dane cook 101608

Dane Cook

Darryl McCauley, half-brother and long time manager of comedian Dane Cook, has been arrested for embezzling millions from the entertainer.

McCauley, 43, was arrested yesterday in his Wilmington, Massachusetts home and charged with larceny, forgery and larceny by continuous scheme.  He was scheduled to be arraigned this morning in Woburn District Court.

McCauley is accused of stealing millions of dollars from Cook by transferring funds to his own personal accounts between July 2007 and December 2008, forging Cook's signature on a $3 million check to himself in one instance.

Cook, 36, worked for McCauley at Burger King as a teenager, and has often used that point of his life as material for his act. (See video below)

"He used to do the schedules in pen, but he did mine in pencil because I was always one step away from being taken out," he says with a laugh.

McCauley has been with Cook since the early days of his career, initially selling merchandise at local shows, and managing the e-mail list and website until Cook was successful enough to hire him full time.

Dane Cook talks about working for his brother at Burger King in video below.

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In one of the most bizarre tech glitches of the year, 30GB Zunes everywhere froze up around midnight last night, getting stuck on the loading screen, and becoming totally unresponsive.

Microsoft has issued the following statement regarding the collective Zune failure dubbed Z2K9 by Zune users:

Customers with 30gb Zune devices may experience issues when booting their Zune hardware.  We’re aware of the problem and are working to correct it. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for your patience!

Zune message boards and forums were flooded with hundreds of comments about the problem Wednesday morning.

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john daly in orange

John Daly messed up yet again at the end of October when he was arrested for public intoxication after passing out at a Hooters restaurant.  He has struggled with alcohol addiction for years, with several stints in rehab.

That's old news but the real story here is that the PGA frowns on his continued bad behavior.  They have slapped him with a six month suspension from playing on the PGA Tour.  Check out the full story of his October arrest here.

We've had a run on bad behavior today.  Charles Barkley's Arizona DUI details here.

Matt Dillon was clocked at 106 MPH in Vermont last night.

Celebrity mugshot gallery here.

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Photo: WENN

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matt dillon mugshot photo

Actor and director Matt Dillon, 44, was arrested at 10:00 p.m. on Tuesday night in Newbury, Vermont.  The State Police pulled him over after they clocked his speed at 106 MPH.  The stop took place on Interstate 91 where the posted speed is 65 MPH.

The New York resident, driving a rented 2009 Chevrolet Impala, was booked and released.  His first court appearance is slated for January 21, 2009

The actor is best known for his portrayal of Sgt. John Ryan in the 2005 film Crash.   The movie got rave reviews and he received an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

It was a bad night for celeb's.  Charles Barkley was arrested on DUI charges in AZ.

John Daly also took a hit from the PGA after a recent arrest.

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Perhaps singer/actress Jennifer Hudson and her family will be able to feel some satisfaction now that her brother in-law has been indicted on three counts of first degree murder and one count of home invasion by a Cook County grand jury.

Balfour will be arraigned on January 20th for the murders of Darnell Donerson, 57  Jason Hudson, 29 and Julian King, 7.

Speculation is that the suspect thought that his estranged wife Julia had been seeing another men and unleashed his anger and uncontrolled rage on her family.

Balfour is still claiming his innocence on all charges.  That man appears to have a serious case of denial.

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charles barkley 2

Charles Barkley got nabbed by police in Gilbert, Arizona early Wednesday morning.  A mobile DUI task force had set up a checkpoint and did blood testing right on site.

Gilbert police Lt. Eric Shuhandler saw the former NBA star run a stop sign around 1:30 a.m.  Barkley declined to submit to a breath test but was given a blood test.  Results were not immediately available.   The officer said, "There was nothing unusual about how he was taken into custody.  He was treated exactly like we treat anybody else."

He was arrested in Scottsdale's Old Town area, a trendy hot spot in the Phoenix metro area.   He was unable to drive away in his own vehicle but was allowed to call a taxi after being processed at the scene.

This isn't Barkley's first brush with the law.  Milwaukee police arrested him in December 1991.   Barkley allegedly punched a man in the face but was later acquitted of assault charges.  See that mugshot below.

Turns out Barkley had a very interesting exchange with the arresting officer about why he ran the stop sign.   He was in a hurry to meet a woman for sex.

TMZ has that scoop here.

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 full jennifer garner 01 wenn5223108

Actress Jennifer Garner is married to actor hunk Ben Affleck and is very, very pregnant with their second child.  This would not seem to be the optimum time to be delving into sex therapy.  That said, Jen and Dr. Holly Hein spent time together yesterday in Brentwood, California at Caffe Luxxe.

They were photographed leaving the eatery while still in heavy conversation.  Hein is the author of Sexual Detours:  The Startling Truth Behind Love, Lust and Infidelity.   One can try to draw some conclusions based  on this tidbit but we'll leave it to others to make what they will of this little session.

Hein's website bio indicates she has a PhD in Clinical Social Work, Therapist.  She indicates her strengths are in relationship issues, addictions or substance abuse and post traumatic stress disorder, though she lists other areas including life coaching, parenting and spirituality.  Her office is in Santa Monica.

Ben and Jen have a daughter Violet who turned 3 years old on December 1, 2008.  By the looks of these photos, she should have a new sibling any moment now.

Photo gallery below.    UPDATE:  BABY ON THE WAY - check it out here.

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marisa miller dt cover

Marisa Miller graces the January 2009 cover of DT magazine of Spain.  The publication is filled with smokin' hot photos of the gorgeous Victoria's Secret model.

We can't provide any insight into the accompanying interview because it is in Spanish but the photos should suffice for most

More photos below:

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