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Ivana Trump and 4th Husband Split (Photos)

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ivana trump divorce 04 wenn1736397

Stop the presses!  Ivana Trump and her fourth husband, boy toy Rossano Rubicondi, have split.  We are sure it had nothing to do with the 23 year age difference.  The couple married in April 2008....yes, really.

Trump did issue a statement stating that she had filed for a legal separation three months ago.  That is one well kept secret.  Ivana claims that she was trying to spare Rossano any bad press because she didn't want it to reflect negatively on his involvement with the Italian version of Survivor.

The once happy couple were married in Palm Beach at the estate of Ivana's ex-husband Donald Trump.  They had dated for six years before tying the knot - apparently a fatal flaw.

You can bet your butt that there was an iron clad prenup.  I would have set the divorce proceedings into motion the night that Rossano chose to wear the outfit in the above photo.

More photos below.

  • ivana trump divorce 05 wenn288858
  • ivana trump divorce 06 wenn5012070
  • ivana trump divorce 08 wenn5030401

You can check out Ivana and Rossano's wedding photos here.

Photos:  WENN

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I used to be a homeless rodeo clown but now I am a world class magician !


Divorces are always sad. I can't say I am surprised at this one.


I don't see why the lives of these rich aholes are important to people. So what if they're getting a divorce? What makes Ivana Trump so damn important?