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Visanthe Shiancoe Exposed in Locker Room Video

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visanthe shiancoe exposed

Viewers got to see a bit more of Visanthe Shiancoe than they bargained for after Sunday's Vikings-Lions game, during the Fox post-game locker room broadcast, when Shiancoe adjusted his towel exposing more than his tight end.

Shiancoe, wearing nothing but a towel, was standing behind team owner Zygi Wilf as he presented the game ball to coach Brad Childress' son, Andrew, who just joined the Marine Corps.  Shiancoe adjusted the towel, inadvertently exposing himself, appearing naked briefly on camera.

Dan Bell, vice-president of communications for Fox, issued an appology for the incident, stating, "It was an obvious oversight on our part, and we apologize."

View the Visanthe Shiancoe locker room photo and video below.

visanthe shiancoe exposed

WARNING: This video contains nudity.

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Attention B & B readers: Read Outloud for full effect! Visanthe your penith ith thowing ...put that thing away pleeth, you are on televithhon.


sorry but there was nothing to see. i saw it happen as it broadcasted. i think it may have been somewhat planned on his part for publicity or perhaps for a new girlfriend but sorry no swinging dong to be seen. maybe he should've fluffed?