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Anna Anka Arrested for Domestic Battery (Mugshot and Photos)

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 anna anka mugshot

Anna Anka, wife of  entertainer Paul Anka, has been arrested on charges of domestic battery after hitting her husband in the head with a piece of ice.

After returning from the hospital where he received two staples for the head wound, Anka found Anna missing and contacted authorities.

When Anna returned home, police arrested her for domestic battery, however, the Ventura County D.A.s office declined to prosecute the case.

Anna, born Anna Yeager, is Paul's second wife.  The couple married in 2008.

Photos of Paul and Anna Anka below.

paul and anna ankapaul and anna anka 2paul and anna anka 3paul and anna anka 4

photos: Wenn

mugshot: Ventura County Sheriff's Dept via ETonline

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So this is the woman who hit Paul Anka in the head with a piece of ice. In my opinion, the knock on the head is long overdue.


She is at it again! Another eviction cast against Anna Anka.
Case Number: 12B01925
ADLER, MICHAEL E. VS ANKA, ANNA Filing Date: 04/02/2012
Case Type: UNLAWFUL DETAINER (Limited Jurisdiction)
Filing Court: Van Nuys Courthouse West
Status: Pending


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Sorry folks! I obviously mean Anna Anka.


Abnna Anka wasn't born Yeager. Nor was she born Åberg. God knows her birthname. She was adopted from Polen at a very young age of three.


Even this has-been who lives off other people´s songwriting talent doesn´t deserve to be battered by, or even married to, a semi-ugly white trash divorcee from Bjuv, Sweden (that´s Redneck-land for you non-Swedes) like Anna Åberg whose main claim to fame is showing up for 2 seconds in the movie Dumb & Dumber. Paulie should have kicked her ass like a true Armenian would have done.
More useless trivia - in high school she was dating local football stars, and then worked in cleaning and drove delivery vans.
Oh, and apparently not even her mom and dad liked her, as she grew up with adoptive father Arne Åberg.