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Sexiest Cover Girl: Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Aniston? (Photos)

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Angelina Jolie graces the cover of German Cosmopolitan for their January 2009 issue.  Her dark hair against the blues gives her a determined look, not at all like the cover photos we have seen recently of Jennifer Aniston.

We've included some of Jen's recent covers, just for comparison sake.  Angelina is stunning in a strongly sensual way, where Jennifer is softer and sexier in a 'girl next door' way, as seen on the Vogue December 2008 cover above.

Brad Pitt was attracted to both women and they are clearly different in just about every way imaginable.   Check out more covers below.  Which of these gorgeous actresses gets your vote as sexiest cover girl?

Photo gallery below.

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I think Angelina is wayyyy hotter. I mean If people compare MEGAN FOX to angelina it is obvious that Angelina is hotter! Angelina is a way better actress. She goes for the dramatic roles and all her movies are amazing. Jen makes the shittiest movies ever. In all of her movies she has sex with some asshole. She will never win an oscar if she continues making shitty movies. And that is all i have to day. Wait one more thing: STOP HATING ON ANGELINA JOLIE.


i agree with what someone said before. PEOPLE NEED TO REMEMBER THIS DID NOT SAY WHOSE BETTER OR WHO GIVES TO MORE CHARITIES OR WHO CHEATED OR WHO HAS BETTER SYLE, IT SAID WHO HAD SEXIER COVERS. adn with that said, it was jen. hands down. almost completely naked on a cover? DAMN SEXY.


Angelina is a publicity seeker, so is her husband. I'm sure other stars donate just as much as her and brad- they just don't advertise. I mean, look at the list of donations and scholarship funds that Michael Jackson gave, it came out after he died. As far as Jen not wanting to have don't cheat for that, you get a divorce. Brad was cheating with Angie before the divorce, definitely. Angelina may be pretty on the outside but she's not much on the inside... and BRAD OUGHTA BUY HER A HAMBURGER OR TWO- SHE NEEDS TO EAT!!


Jennifer is definitely sexier, At the 2010 Golden Globes, Jennifer rocks in a black dress with slit up the side. I'd like to see if Angelina can pull that off at age 41.


I t's funny how people can be so biased how "girl next door" is a woman who is too obsessed with her looks and career to start a family with a husband when she is in her late 30's and then turns round to act like she is the submissive doting wife who got jilted. I don't blame Brad for hooking up with the real deal instead of the fake deal. Granted AJ has sex appeal and a track record manipulated by the media to make her less appealing but the sex vixen chose to adopt a son and spend her money on humanitarian issues. I have never seen AJ dumped as often as JA has. How come the men do not stick around the girl next door. Those closest to you are the best judges of your worth and the last time i checked JA has flunked in the dating contest. My guess is that the public might have been fooled by the hype about these two personalities. Men see in JA what the media accused AJ of and vice versa. AJ is more marriage material that is why she has the man and the girl next door is still running wild


All these entries are so funny to read!!! You are all so clever in your comments!! Not that any of this matters--I mean it really shouldn't--none of us know these two people and we all have our own friends and families and lives. I suppose it's all just entertainment. But for the record--hands down Jen Aniston. She's naturally more likeable. Sometimes I think she looks prettier that AJ and sometimes it's the other way around. AJ had some interesting goth outfits ifI recall. She also gives me the creeps in a serious way. She's sexy but gross sexy--not appealing to me. Funny how these breastfeeding pic are released atthe same time as Anistons tie picture. Trying to steal Jen's thunder I suppose. Brad's no big prize. He sounds dense in any interview I've ever seen him on.


I think Angelina and Jennifer are both beautiful ladies in their own right but I think Angelina is just a Goddess!! I respect all her humanitarian efforts and she is such awe inspiring beauty. I think Angelina is incredibly sexy and powerful. She is definitely has it all...brains and beauty. But honestly Brad made Jen famous and she couldn't have gotten so famous without him. Angelina was starring in action films like Tomb Raider and doing her own stunts, already a U.N. ambassador, adopted Maddox, and lived independently before Brad. Jennifer til this day still needs to be linked to Brad in a way to gain some fame to have a celebrity life. But either way Brad made Jen look good but Angelina makes Brad the Man....a better man. Seriously if anyone has ever seen Mr. and Mrs. Smith they are soulmates. Freaking Hot !!!! Fireworks!!! I don't think Jen can be as sexy as Angelina was on that film!!!


Angelina is sooooooooooooo much better than that ugly maniston!!!! Angie is the sexiest,hottest and most beautiful woman in the whole world!!!!!!ANGELINA 4-EVER!!!!!


oh please ppl it is so obvious jolie is better than aniston. and anyone get it what is sexiest not sweetest. Jolie have the sex appeal but aniston doesnt have it.


OMG Angie is very hot. I am a straight female and Jen is just plain, plain, plain. Chicks like her come a dime a dozen. Girl next door my butt. That is an image she feeds off of and nothing else. Do we even know that much about Jen? She has had failed after failed relationships and obviously can't let go of a failed relationship that happen 4 years ago. Get over it! Angie is the vamp and most chicks that say they dont like her is because they see themselves in Jen, but deep down they are jealous of the type of woman Angie is. So stop projectinig and realize that Jen has done nothing for the world, just for herself. Angelina is beautiful on the outside and inside!!