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Bruce Pardo Dressed As Santa Kills 9 People (Photos)

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 bruce pardo dead after killing at least 8 people

Bruce Jeffrey Pardo, 45, recently divorced and without a job, arrived on the doorstep of his ex-wife's parents at 11:30 p.m. on Christmas Eve with a large present in one hand and a semi automatic handgun in the other.  When a young 8 year old girl opened the door, he shot her in the face and opened fire on the two dozen people inside the Covina, California home, killing eight and wounding two.

The home on a quiet Knollcrest Drive cul-de-sac some 22 miles from L.A., was then torched by Pardo.  The former engineer who had worked in the aerospace industry, had gift wrapped a 2-1/2 foot high pressurized tank that had been converted into a homemade flame thrower.   He used it to propel a highly flammable liquid throughout the home before he fled the scene.

According to Captain Mike Brown, it took 80 firefighters several hours to bring the 40 to 50 foot high flames under control.  Nine bodies have been recovered in the smoldering carnage.  Among the missing and presumed to have died are Pardo's ex-wife and her parents 80 year old Joseph Ortega and 70 year old Alicia Ortega.

Several of the party-goers were able to escape through a backdoor and rushed to neighboring homes.  Among those were an  8 year old girl and a 16 year old girl, who were taken to area hospitals with gunshot wounds.   Both are expected to recover.

Police received a call at 3:30 a.m. from Pardo's brother who summoned them to his home in Sylmar, 25 miles away from the scene of the crime.  When they arrived they found Bruce Pardo dead from a self inflicted single gun shot to his head.  Police later discovered that he had booby trapped his car with a pipebomb  - which later exploded.  A bomb squad reports that no one was injured in that surprise twist.

Bruce Pardo had lived in Montrose with his wife and her three children until they separated in the spring of 2008 after a marriage that lasted one year.  Their divorce was filed in September and the settlement was reached last week.

Pardo, as in the past,  had volunteered to serve as an usher at midnight mass on Christmas Eve but he never made it to Holy Redeemer Catholic Church.  Jan Detanna, head usher at Holy Redeemer said, "I'm just--this is shocking.  He was the nicest guy you can imagine.  Always a pleasure to talk to, always a big smile."

During a news conference this morning, police indicate Pardo was carrying $17,000 in cash and had a plane ticket from Los Angeles to Canada.  Police believe that he altered his getaway plan because he was suffering from third degree burns to his body.  He broke into his brothers home and killed himself instead.

See the video below and additional photos.

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Honey's like Love -
I can guarantee you that these men are not insane They are pushed to temporary insanity through a gender biased legal system that violates their 13th Amendment rights. They become slaves through legalized indentured servitude and peonage. As many slaves did they turn to suicide and murder for freedom.
The legal profession has built a multi billion dollar industry that rapes men. Did you know 30,000 men a year take their own lives due to alimony and divorce and it doesn't even make the paper?
Please consider what you would do if 65% of your income were taken from you every week. Could you survive? Few can survive a 20% cut! How long could you take it?
If you had to provide for an ex spouse until they "die or remarry"... wouldn't "die" seem kinda nice?
Does your employer have to pay you 65% of your income for the rest of your life because you became accustomed to a "standard of livng"?? Check with 6 million people that have been laid off. I believe they get $300 a week unemployment.... and that is only for 9 months. Did you know that if you lose your job the alimony continues to accrue at 8% interest and an arrest warrant is issued? I think fear of being sodomized in jail because you can't afford the financial obligation force upon you by the State might make you choose murder and suicide. Are you beginning to grasp the injustice and see what could have been going through Pardo's mind knowing he was financially ruined for life and going to jail?
I work with 70 year old men paying alimony living on $400 a MONTH of what is left of their garnished social security. They were once productive members of society. Now they get foodstamps, charity or goverment assisted housing. If men knew the prejudiced divorce laws they would never get married! . Not with 60% divorce odds. 99% of all alimony is paid by men These laws need to be changed or we will see much more of these types of murder suicides. When more Judges and lawyers are affected as victimes, you might see them urge for change. and our state reps to get the law changed. Texas has a maximum 3 year "support".
I am amazed at the support of women wanting to change these laws too. Once they understand the effect it has on their brothers, sons, fathers and other family members. It is also a slap in the face for all women who have fought for their rights to be independent and self sufficient.
More and more Americans are leaving the country to seek refuge. These were productive citizens. Soon we will only have the parasites left wondering where their next host is.
And for those who don't or can't leave... their future and options are bleak....


Thanks Bill Henry. The majority of the comments posted here are mad. Many a man has wreaked havoc on the life of a woman or child and women don't go beating and killing men. I would advise all women against trying to financially exploit men. Some women blatantly seek financial gain from men. They are different from women who reasonably expect their spouse to share responsibilities with them. Some hateful men, like the ones above, refuse to tell the difference between a reasonable, honest woman, and a dishonest one. Then they have the nerve to seek "revenge" on people likely just as innocent as they claim they are. These people who feel anyone has a right to murder a woman should be traced and jailed- they are insane, and very, very, very, very, very, very dangerous persons.


He was pushed into a corner. She kept the ring, the dog, and $10,000. She was after the money. She got that and much more. His mother even sold him out.


lilly, imagine if on opposite day you married a guy who you thought loved you, who lived with you for a few years, only to divorce you, take your children, and slap a 1500+ dollar bill on you per month. You watch in court as the man you thought loved you says lie upon lie in a very successful attempt to milk you for all your worth. In essence, he used you and then turned you into a slave, as you're working hard hours for NOTHING (its going to him). Can you begin to see the rage? This is not attention seeking. If a woman fell out of love with me and divorced me I would not harm her in anyway, because she has the right and I would accept that. If on the other hand she tried to abuse the court system and milk me for all I'm worth, then that would be an entirely different ball game. I do not agree with what this guy did because he involved INNOCENT CHILDREN. If he had not involved innocent children I would say MORE POWER TO HIM. Also, Bill Henry, take your best shot.


Arden, ur crazy
he should of never of done that
i feel sorry for those u lost their ♥ ones =(


all of this is beyond me. Though i agree that men are treated unfairly in SOME cases, i fail to see the reason any sane person would act so cold heartedly. the lack od reverence for human life is mind blowing, for me at least. i hope that the people that voiced their pride and and understanding for this cruel unacceptable act are merely doing so in a pathetic attempt for attention.


The men who support this monster are dangerous and should be locked up. Typically they are cowards who are violent towards women. They couldn't take a real man so they take it out on women. I'd like to take out the men who support this loser, the loser that shoots an innocent little girl in the face. They aren't men.....real men.....they are cowards. Sadly......some are dangerous who can get a gun and shoot anyone just like this loser did. That was a beautiful family and Ms. Pardo was a lovely woman. We now know this coward stopped showing any affection, stopped supporting her, stopped having anything to do with her. It was he who was the cause of the divorce...not her. She loved him. Then she found out the coward didn't even support a child who had drown under his watch.....his own son. You guys up here are cowards. You need your a*^es kicked by a real man.


This guy was an electrical engineer - obviously no dummy! He had no criminal background or history of violence. I understand he was out of work, deep in debt, was denied unemployment compensation, and going through a vicious divorce. Any one of these things would've put any man on the edge. The combination of all four was the perfect storm. I don't condone what he did, but can understand why he snapped.


I've been there. I know the hell he was living. Why it is "fair" to destroy a mans life so maintain a woman's standard of living is beyong me. I personally know a man who's ex threated to accuse him of molesting his children if he sought custody. He ended up with full custody after his childred were old enough to see what a lying their mother was. Sometimes vigilante justice is the only justice.


i live in Washington state, i am female. the way the system beats down guys here is horrible. they do not have a chance. i frequently see women getting married to step up a notch. they have nothing and marrying anybody with a good job guarantees them a big payout at divorce time no matter how short the marraige! nobody knows what went on with Mr Pardo and this whole family to drive him to this. it's easy to make this family into Saints. who knows how they berated or abused him? the courts need to start making men's rights a priority or more of this will happen!