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Robbie Knievel Mirage Volcano Jump VIDEO

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Robbie Knievel, in yet another stunt, staged a New Year's Eve attempt at jumping over the Volcano at the Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

The stunt involved three ramps and a 200 foot jump over the 900-degree fireballs that shoot out of the volcano.   He has completed 350 jumps and set 20 world records.  Kaptain Knievel is the son of famed daredevil Evel Knievel who died in 2008.

According to those on scene, he actually jumped next to the spewing fireball and not directly over it.  Fireworks shot into the air as the stuntman landed on the strip.   He told casino officials that if they wanted him to actually jump over the volcano, they would have to remove palm trees and build a ramp that would have disrupted their valet parking in front of the hotel.

After the jump, the 46-year-old Knievel said his dad would have been proud and said his New Year's resolution was to be like a famous Rolling Stones guitarist.  "Like Keith Richards.  I'm going to keep smoking, drinking and jumping in my fourth decade.

Check it out on video below.

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jasper you are obviously not a good rider and know nothing about fmx and are probably a dork...robbie,stick to jumping the double wide you goon! remember the port angeles hillclimb? you got smoked on a 500 i made it on a stock 125.


come on Jasper, it sucked and you know it. and he did not jump any sky scrapers there are no sky scrapers in Vegas!


Man ALL you guys suck! Kaptain Robbie Knievel's the man! He was around a long time before Robbie Madison and probably will still be around after him. He is a master at what he does. He always makes his jumps and he rarely wipes out. Remember when he jumped the skyscrapers in Las Vegas? Let's see Maddison do that! Las Vegas screwed up on this jump, not Knievel! Did you see they only had two hours to set up the whole deal, that's crazy man! So lay off Knievel, he's a hero that gives people a lot of excitement and something to look forward too!


Robbie Madison is da man. He is fly and dope. Robbie Knievel is old school. His dad was da man back in da day, but now it is Robbie Maddison breaking barriers and records. Robbie Knievel should find another motorcycle related hobby if he likes motorcycles that much. Maybe he can get into the custom bike business or tour the old school circuit for the old guys that can't get it up anymore.


this suxs a*s!!! he looked like he was drunk! they had no crowd because everyone was watching the other crazy dude..
he killed it!!!! now thats a true dare devil......ROBBIE PLEASE RETIRE


Robbie is a joke. He is so out of touch. Every Extreme rider is better than him. His crew look like they just fell out of a double wide. He makes the same jumps as his dad did on a machine weighing twice as much with a quarter of the suspension travel. His "christian" speech is a hypocrisy. The Ausies and Kiwis showed us down in Vegas on the 31st


stupid! im so glad i waited 2 hours in front of the paris to watch robbie maddison's jump than this stupid one.




What a joke! After nearly 2 hours of hype he simply made a routine jump over a few small fire cannons in the street in front of the Mirage. Did you see the pre-jump graphics of potential failure senarios? That was the most entertaining part of the stunt! I think FOX perpetrated a fraud regarding the stunt and Robbie has lost some credibility in my eyes.


Boring!! Yawn!!! Snore!!! He didn't jump over the volcano, he jumped the sidewalk in front of the lagoon next to the volcano. Check out the Robbie Maddison jump, that was impressive.