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G Commercial VIDEO, What Is G?

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There was a commercial that aired during the Rose Bowl.  The 'spot' has many scratching their heads with the question: "What is G?"

We're not sure either.   We saw famous athletes and were given these clues: it is the swagger of an athlete, a champion, it's gifted, golden, genuine, greatest of all times.  It's the heart, hustle and soul of the game.

Featured in the commercial are Alex Rodriguez, Mohammed Ali, Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh, Peyton Manning, Serena Williams, Jackie Robinson, Mia Hamm, Michael Johnson and Usian Bolt.

So, what's G?  Check out the commercial video below and by all means tell us please....."What is G?"  Gatorade?  We've included a recent commercial that actually names the product - are they both part of the same ad campaign?

gatorade changes it up new look and attitude

Check out banned PETA Super Bowl Ad here.

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    if you pause the second video and pull it back to the very beginning, theres a very evident title screen with gatorade on it


    Looks iike they took the mimes out. Those things gave me nightmares.


    I must say I don't think that I'll ever buy a gatorade again after seeing this commercial. First of all the announcer needs to learn to pronounce his "m" 's more because when I was watching this commercial with some friends every single one of us thought that he said "it's the heart, hustle, and soul of the GAY." and left us confused.

    From now on I'm buying powerade, or maybe just plain old water.


    Believe it or not, it actually stands for Georgia.


    It is Gatorade. If you look at the bottom of the screen at the end, you will see (c) S-VC. S-VC stands for Stokely-Van Camp, the original distributors of Gatorade.


    I WISH people would stop using Carmina Burana in ads and movies–overuse has diluted its power and turned it into middlebow kitsch, like Starry Night or Barber’s Adagio. Every pinhead thinks, “How profound!”

    Thanks for jumping on the bandwagon. I said this back in 1990. It was overplayed back when you were 2.


    as a designer/advertiser/artist, we are always trying the most new, fresh ways to pitch a product ... no it's not the most clever of ways to promote a product , but a new perspective ... a fresh new angle that can hopefully spark an idea and develop. ... look at how Guerilla advertising has developed over the past few years... we always try our damnedest to be clever ...


    this is a horrible commercial


    Those "weird mimes" at the end are the Jabbowockeez. They won MTV's America's Best Dance Crew Season 1


    Gatorade is coming out with a web series called "quest for G". They are currently casting "Diamond in the Rough athletes" and will train them to see if they can compete at an elite or world class level. Its a competition and famous sports figures will be the judges. That's why the commercial shows a series of great athletes then at the end there are those weird mimes....those are the future great athletes. I have been wondering about the commercials for a couple weeks (since the bowl games) and work in sports, so I just got an email for the casting.....Thought I would fill in all the others who were wondering too....

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