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Mariana Bridi da Costa, Miss World Contestant Dies (Photos, Video)

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mariana bridi da costa has died

Mariana Bridi da Costa


Brazilian model and beauty queen contestant Mariana Bridi da Costa, 20, has died of complications resulting from a mysterious illness that developed in December.  Her death was reported to have occurred on Saturday morning, January 24, 2009.  She suffered a heart attack that was brought on by necrotic septicemia.

Mariana first sought treatment in December 2008 for what was believed to be kidney stones.  Her condition deteriorated in January and doctors were forced to amputate her hands and feet in an attempt to stem the rapidly spreading infection that was causing the premature death of her cells and tissue.

The Brazilian beauty was a finalist in her country's stage of the Miss World competition.  She also participated in the 2007 Miss Bikini International competition.

Photo gallery below plus video tribute.

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  • mariana bridi da costa blue bikini
  • mariana bridi da costa photo 5
  • mariana bridi da costa photo 6

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I feel really sorry for her and she was way to pretty and young to die! It must have been really hard for their family. Having to cope with a dead daughter must be really hard! when i heard about this on the 1st of february i was really sad, specially because my name is mariana as well! i got really scared thinking that that was going to happen to me because we both had the same names, where from different countries and had black hair and kind of dark skin colour! im sorry for what happend we will all miss u and just keep smiling!!! xxx


i have not known her but recently i saw her pictures n i was like she is soo gorgeous and then i showed my friend her pictures n she said the same and then like 2 days now she sent me a link n said that MARIANA BRIDI is dead and that she died last year jan and i was lik YOU ARE LYING! (5/3/2010) i went and looked it up and i was devastated when i heard about how old she was when she died and how she died. i looked at some videos with her and her boyfriend and i was like she was not just beautiful but she had a wonderful personality and i was like why did she have to die
i ask myself that all the time, why do the good people have to die, why do they? i am only 15 but i really hate the fact of people having to go and leave this world, RIP MARIANA BRIDI DE COSTA AND I EXPRESS MY SYMPATHY TO HER FAMILY, FRIENDS, FANS AND LOVED ONES! I PRAY THAT GOD WILL TAKE CARE OF HER!


What do you give a lady so sweet? Who makes my existence so complete.Should She get a Long-stemmed Rose?


I usually bring along a magazine or newspaper when I wash my clothes in our apt complex. It was a Feb. 9th issue of People. I was so overwhelmed when I noticed the very small story item of Mariana. I came home and looked up the infection and her story. I am still puzzled and so sad that I cried. One of the sites said the hospital instruments can be breeding grounds for this type of infection...which raises new questions in my mind. Just because I did not know her personally does not matter. I remember when I was 20. My heart breaks for her family and those who knew and loved her.


If anyone with blood type O(-ve) had donated their blood if they could or persuaded anyone with this blood type,she would have survived...just because shez famous,we're feeling sorry but imagine those who couldnt even publish their stories up and ask for blood...ths blood type is NOT the rarest in the world,its just the people who donate this blood type is so rare...every third person i know is an O (-ve),persuade them to donate blood...i will too...thank you...


Wow mariana you were so beautiful:) i never even heard about this young lady until 2day 2-26-09 my sister who is only 19 told me earlier 2day about this tragic story it really touched my heart and reminded me that our lives are not guaranteed to us it doesnt matter who we are how successful or how beautiful when its our time 2 go its just time we must live every breath as though it is our last and enjoy every moment god allows us 2 have my heart and my prayers go out 2 the da costa family and 2 all who knew mariana. May u rest in peace sweetheart.:)


my heart is broken over the loss of my 21-year-old son to the same horrible thing and to hear another young person die from it is just so wrong. dear Lord, why? God bless this young girl, her family, and my own beloved son.


My prayers are with the family.. Remember God has a reason...


My prayers and heart goes out to her family.Remember God has a reason ........


My prayers and heart go out to Mariana's familia. While this is a very disturbing incident, remember even though we may never know the reason, God has a reason for everything. Your faith will see you through this tragedy! RIP: Mariana Bridi da Costa