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Andrea Hissom is Steve Wynn's Girlfriend (PHOTOS)

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Andrea Hissom, the divorced mother of two teenage sons, is casino tycoon Steve Wynn's girlfriend.

The 67-year-old Las Vegas billionaire reportedly left his wife of  46 years, Elaine, a few months ago.  According to Page Six, Hissom, a British woman in her 40s, is behind the split.

Hissom is the daughter of international hustler Victor Danenza, who fled to France in 1976 during a federal investigation for securities fraud.  Ironically, among Danenza's various activities, he was known to introduce young, beautiful women to wealthy men.

Andrea was formerly married to Robert Davis Hissom, a financial analyst for Aspen Capital Partners Ltd. of Europe.

More photos of Andrea Hissom below.

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Not a very beautiful lady at all. She is majority humped over and very loose arms with skin wrinkled well weathered. Why she wears clothes to show this is very sick? Steve you could have done much better as well got a soft sweet well mannered lady.


Why is stuff like this at all important?