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Aasiya Hassan Beheaded By Husband in Buffalo NY (Photo)

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aasiya hassan and husband muzzammil hassan

Muzzammil Hassan, a 44 year old Buffalo cable TV executive turned himself in at the Orchard Park Police Department on Thursday evening and told Chief Andrew Benz that he had murdered his 37 year old wife Aasiya Hassan.

The founder and CEO of Bridges TV told police that they would find his wife's beheaded body at his place of business.  He has been charged with second degree murder.

The couple, who have two children age 4 and 6, were estranged.  Aasiya filed for divorce on February 6 and had the court initiate a protection order which barred her husband from entering their home.  According to Aasiya's divorce lawyer, Corey Hogan of the firm Hogan Willig, there had been domestic violence in the past.

Muzzammil Hassan launched Bridges TV in 2004, wanting to portray Muslim's in a more positive light.  The network slogan is "Connecting People Through Understand".    The English-language broadcasts have received the endorsement of prominent American Muslims, including boxing great Muhammad Ali.

Bridges TV website has posted the following statement:  "Bridges TV is deeply shocked and saddened by the murder of Aasiya (Zubair) Hassan and subsequent arrest of Muzzammil Hassan.  Our deepest condolences and prayers go out to the families of the victim.  We request that their right to privacy be respected."

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    I am a 28 yrs old muslim woman from Nigeria, west Africa. The least of I am not is a muslim woman whom islam denies civil right. Instead, what Islam has done for me is project my innocence from the way I dress, demand respect for me from my conduct and utterances as I strive to emulate the character of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

    If you want to be fair, (which will help u understand islam) please, read materials on the Hadith (which is a book comprising of the saying and doings of the holy Prophet which every muslim is expected to emulate and NOT overdo/add to it).

    I can understand your confusion, rage, and sympathy for every victim affected by acts carried out in the name of islam. It angers us too and affects us directly simply because we are muslims.

    Just as there are bad people who are christians, there are bad people who are muslims, jews, budhist etc.


    The difference between murderers like Scott Peterson or O.J. Simpson and Muzzammil Hassan is that Hassan thinks he has a right to kill his wife because of his religious beliefs. The muslim faith enslaves women, abuses kids, and advocates Jihad under Sharia Law. So, the establishment of a mosque practicing Sharia Law cannot occupy land in America. Our constitutional rights prohibit slavery, honor killings, gender discrimination and Jihad. To allow the mosque in New York is to give away a piece of our United States and to dishonor those who have suffered and died so that we can be a free people.


    This news once again proved that muslims people are sick, lunatic, and even satan. They cries on thier suffering but never cares for other. What if other religious sec might go beheading muslim and publishing videos on net as they did for the 12 innocent Nepalese, Daniel Pearl, Margaret Hassan, etc. I once heard that the British muslims stating Islam is much more to them then their country, this signifies the muslim who can do what ever crimes disregard to citizenship, intolerance, suffering, etc. The religious discrimination in the world must be end and let all the people celebrate humanity. Because I was born the courty of Buddha, Nepal, I can never dare to think any human breath beheading or seizing another one literally like him. Islam is never a religion it is aspect that verges to terror.


    In this world, PRECEPTION IS REALITY. What people see is what they draw conclusions from. Muslims say the radicals are but a few, however, when the world trade centers went down MILLIONS of MUSLIMS around the world were dancing in the streets cheering on Binladen. This happens every time an American gets killed on foreign soil. Non Muslim people think you are all blood thirsty devil worshipers. So Muslims actions speak louder than words and YOUR collective actions contradict everything you say.


    I'm not defending muslims, but didn't OJ Simpson not only do dam near the same thing? He nearly beheaded his wife, killed an innocent man in the process then was set free by our legal system and given custody of their children to be raised by a murderer.


    What the *%#! is the matter with this guy?


    muslim is as muslim does....the sad commentary is, if the son [and daughter] are raised as muslim they will NEVER be outraged @ the disgusting, pitiful MURDER of their Mother. How sad is this :( Women & Children are the losers in islam, this is what makes following JESUS 180 degrees different, HE elevates and protects Women & Children! The total opposite of islam. Food for thought, don't you think??!


    well, i go to school with the Aasiya's child. He is overall a good kid. What his dad did was a horrible thing, and we can all agree on that but he did behead his wife because of his culture, but he also turned himself in. i'm not saying he's not a criminal just because his faith, what im saying is at least he was portraying the American culture also. so this shouldn't be a debate on cultural differences because he was taking a role for both cultures, killing, but turning himself in like we're suppose to when we commit a crime.


    But what about Aasiya? Forget about the politics and religiosity. What about Aasiya? He killed her, and he's a murderer. What kind of person, regardless of beliefs could do that to the mother of his children, and someone he is supposed to love? You can't blame this on his faith. It was just an excuse to allow his true colors to come out. This is pathetic.


    This is sad. So so sad. Yes the murder is sad, but the reaction of the people is sadder. You have people representing and misrepresenting their religon and faith and background, you have people attacking whole groupings of people. There are so many things I will never understand eben thouh I've tried and will continue to try... but I can't understand why can't people just be people? Why can't we understand that everyone does not dance to the same tune (even though that a BIG problem in America mind you) It could very well be that this guy is just simply a murder. Not representing Islam or Muslems or anything. Why can't people from all creeds and backgrouonds just appreciate the differences and similarites we all have. Why can't we see that a man beheading his wife is not the nicest thing to do, and at the same token not treat the entire nationality of the man responsible as beasts? I am an American and I have friends from all over Muslems included and I have to say, their ideas and ideals are not at all like some people would describe. true there are BIG cultural differences and we have to remember "when in Rome..." But the very same way many Americans see and view Muslems and the like are the very same ways we get looked at too. The world has become a big messy middle school cheerleading squad. How can we ever expect things to get better if WE ALL keep acting worse? Good and evil both exist in this world. No matter which continent you are on and come from. For some people (this is world wide) they can see no difference... this is the scariest thing of all. We shouldn't seek to find and develop strife. We shouldn't seek to destroy. We should always seek to build. To bring together in a positive light. We should be careful of our views and how we express them. We are our childrens teahers, not just in the classrooms. It is wrong teach kids how to hate. And that's exactly what we do when we show anger and hatred through racial and ethnic prejudice.

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