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David Hasselhoff is rumored to have gotten a little nip and tuck work done, particularly around the eyes and nose.  We decided to do a little recon work of our own and we dug up a photo of the Hoff from 2006, showing his craggy and furrowed mug.  We've done a side by side comparison with a recent photo of the 56 year-old actor.

Actually, the skinny is that Hasselhoff was recognized at the Virgin Air counter of New York's JFK airport.  After he finished his business, a counter employee reportedly exclaimed, "Oh my God.  Did you see his face-lift.  Way too tight."

The America's Got Talent judge claims not to have had any plastic surgery but does admit, through his publicist, to a little bit of Botox.

Check out the rest of the photos and decide for yourself.  That's Kimberly Stevens with the actor below.  She's a hypnotist and reportedly Hoff's latest love interest.

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arman partamian died of alcohol intoxication

Three members of the Geneseo, New York off-campus club known as the Pigs, have been charged with hazing and criminally negligent homicide and tampering with evidence in the alcohol poisoning death of 19 year old Arman Partamian on March 1, 2009.

Students Alex Stucki, 20, Daniel Wech, 21, and Devin McClain, 21,  encouraged Partamian to drink to such excess that he died, according to Livingston County prosecutor Thomas Moran.  Stucki  was also charged with tampering for removing Partamian's fraternity pledge shirt before calling police to report his death.

The trio pleaded not guilty at an arraignment earlier today, after being indicted by a grand jury.  The criminally negligent homicide charge carries a possible prison sentence of up to 4 years, and the tampering charge also carries a sentence of up to 4 years.

The Pigs has been known primarily for drinking and partying and has a long history of alcohol-related problems.  The landlord has now shut down the Pigs house.

Partamian, a sophomore biology major from Queens, who attended the State University of New York at Geneseo, had a blood-alcohol level of 0.55, nearly seven times the legal limit for driving.  His body was discovered  lying face down on a mattress at the illegal drinking club.

The Pigs fraternity was banned from campus in 1996 after two students were hospitalized following heavy binge drinking.  College president Christopher Dahl vowed to "eliminate any organization that has lost its affiliation with the college and whose existence threatens the well-being of our students."

See mugshot booking photos of Stucki, Wech and McClain and video tribute below.

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earth birth

One of our favorite inspirational sites is   Their mission is simply "to spark a change in the way we think, inspiring each and everyone one of us to bring more love, peace, and joy into our day to day lives."  Perfect right?  Lovemore has vowed to donate a share of their profits to organizations that embody their mission and Earth Birth fits that mission to a tee.

The co-founder of Earth Birth is Rachel Zaslow, a midwife from Brooklyn, New York.  What exactly is Earth Birth?

Earth Birth is run by midwives to foster an international women's health movement that encourages and promotes safe and peaceful birth as an act of social justice and community healing.  They offer a holistic approach to women's health care that is both community centered and internationally connected.  They build clinics and community centers and offer trainings for Traditional Birth Attendants and Educators.  Their goals include community sustainability, lowered maternal and infant mortality rate, lowered mother to child HIV transmission, access to supplies, access to trauma counseling, the ability to articulate ones story and the facilitation of positive and empowered child birth experiences.

Rachel was featured in a interview on GRITtv that can be seen here.  You may notice that Zaslow was wearing a Lovemore shirt during her interview.  For every single t-shirt, hoodie, onesie, bag or bottle that is purchased from Lovemore, a portion of the profits will be donated to Earth Birth.  Do yourself a favor and take it little time to see how these women are making a difference in the world.

Bitten and Bound has featured Andrea Crossman and her sister Angela Crossman in an earlier posting.

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queen latifah birthday party

Queen Latifah is being sued in two separate lawsuits filed on Monday in federal court in Manhattan.

According to a makeup artist and a fashion stylist, the rapper/actress cheated them out of $1 million.

Celebrity cosmetology consultant Roxanna Floyd says Latifah owes her $700,000 for work she did between July 2005 and February 2008, while in a separate lawsuit, celebrity fashion stylist Susan Moses claims she was cheated out of $300,000.

A spokeswoman for Latifah says the lawsuits have no merit, but she can't comment more on pending litigation.


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andrea benjamin arrested in atlanta 109 mph

Hip hop artist Andre 3000, aka Andre Benjamin, was arrested early Saturday morning in Atlanta, Georgia for exceeding the 65 mph speed limit.  In fact, the OutKast musician was driving 109 mph, according to Henry County police.

The 33 year old told the arresting officer that he missed an exit while traveling through the area in his Porsche and was attempting to get turned around and headed back in the right direction.  He posted a $1,200 bond and has an court appearance set for April 29.

The story was first reported by TMZ.  Check out the booking photo below.

The rapper launched the Benjamin Bixby clothing line in spring 2008, inspired by college football circa 1935.

More photos below.

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justin long and drew

He's Just Not that Into You co-stars Drew Barrymore and Justin Long split last July after dating for a year.  Now the two will be reunited on the big screen, coming together to work on a new project.

New Line films has just announced that Drew and Justin will be starring together in yet another romantic comedy, Going the Distance.  The movie is about a long distance relationship that suffers to the point where the couple realize that it might just be easier to date people closer to them.

Will Justin and Drew rekindle their romance?  Over the weekend they were spotted together at the Farmers Market in Hollywood.

Barrymore's latest project, Grey Gardens with actress Jessica Lange, will air on HBO April 18.  Lange was recently hospitalized after a bad fall at her cabin in Minnesota.  See details here.

Check out Grey Gardens movie trailer below.

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  • dancing with the stars tony dovolani and melissa rycroft
  • melissa rycroft

Melissa Rycroft, known as the woman who was dumped on national television by Jason Mesnick during the season finale of The Bachelor, is making a name for herself as an exceptional dancer.  She and her professional dance partner Tony Dovolani landed solidly in second place on the leaderboard after their lively Lindy Hop.

Rycroft was literally a last moment replacement for injured Dancing with the Stars contestant Nancy O'Dell, who was forced out of the competition because of a serious knee injury.

Melissa and Tony were bested by only one couple last night.  Gilles Marini and his pro partner Cheryl Burke earned 30 points, the first perfect score of the season, for their sensual Argentine Tango.  See it here.

Two contestants will be sent packing on Tuesday night.   Near the bottom this week are Holly Madison and her pro partner Dmitry ChaplinSee their performance here.

Check out Melissa Rycroft and Tony Dovolani's Lindy Hop performance video below.

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Girls Next Door star Holly Madison has been keeping herself busy since her split with Playboy founder Hugh Hefner and her brief relationship with Criss Angel.  Trying her hardest to shine on Dancing with the Stars, Madison had suffered a few minor injuries but pushes on.

Will Madison win the competition?  Probably not.  The blonde beauty admits that it is a real challenge but says she tries to have fun even though she started late in the game.  Admitting that she still gets nervous during competition, she insists that she is giving it her all.

A competitor from the last season of DWTS, Kim Kardashian was recently under the media scope for a photo spread that appeared in Complex magazine.  The world got to see the before and after photo shop pictures, putting Kim in the position of having to defend her figure.

Madison, who knows a thing or two about photo shoots, chimed in on the retouching and said Kim doesn't need any fixing and that she is beautiful.  While she was working for Playboy, Holly was not big on the photo shop option, and claims it was used sparingly on her pics.

Holly and her partner Dmitry Chaplin received a score of 16 last night for their Argentine Tango, which put them in the bottom two.  Check out their performance video below.

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ski lodge owned by bruce willis burns down

Fire destroyed Soldier Mountain Ski Resort in Fairfield, Idaho on Monday.  The 50 year old landmark, co-owned by actor Bruce Willis, had just closed for the season when fire swept through the property.

According to Camas County Chief Deputy Brian Miller, the blaze started at 7:30 a.m. and destroyed the lodge and a ski rental building nearby.  The resort employs 50 people during the ski season.  Fairfield Mayor David Hanks called the fire a real blow to the community.  He stated that area businesses count on the ski resort to help bring customers into the area during the winter months.

The last ski day was Saturday and a season ending employee party was held on Sunday night.   The fire is believed to have started near a fireplace on the north end of the lodge.  The fire marshal is continuing to investigate.

Willis and the Valley Entertainment Group had been working on a new master development plan with officials of the Sawtooth National Forest to build a new lodge and a new lift for the resort.

The actor recently married Emma Heming.   More details and photos here.

See fire photos below.

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