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Hollywood Men Who Wear Too Much Make Up

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Male actors are just as vain as their female counterparts so it should come as no surprise that they rely on make up to look their best.  Some pull it off effortlessly and others go overboard.

A few of our favorite celebs tend to over indulge in the 'pancake'  department, as you'll discover in the photo gallery below.  We'll admit that a few of these men are in costume for a role, but most are just being themselves, in a very made up way.

Who do you think should win the 'celebrity cake face' award?

More photos below.

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Photos:  WENN

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Your point isn't exactly clear. Are you claiming that all these men wear makeup (and badly) whenever they appear in public? Just some of them? Which ones do you feel look bad, which look good? You wrote the article; finish it by giving your opinion.