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Adam Lambert 'Ring Of Fire' VIDEO

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adam lambert

Adam Lambert performed the Johnny Cash song Ring Of Fire on American Idol's Grand Ole Opry themed show.  This week the contestants were mentored by country singer Randy Travis.

Judge Kara thought it was strange but she liked it.   Simon called it "absolutely indulgent rubbish."  Randy called it young, fresh and hot.

Check out the Top 11 contestants and  Adam's performance below.

top 11 american idol contestants

Check out Anoop Desai's performance video here.

Megan Joy Corkrey performance video here.

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I like what he did to the song...It was fresh and exciting...Adam is a performer and he absolutely performed this song...I am glad he did not win american Idol...He has a better deal than he would of had with Idol...Also, th idol tour proved who really won..


Cool, but I thought it was a bit odd. Then again, that's Adam, and I want him to win. Not one of Adam's songs or performences isn't good, I'm just saying that, for me, it was his "worst" and his worst is most people's best. I wouldn't call it "an indulgent rubish" but I think that it was Adam's worst performence. It was weird, but I still liked it, and Adam's songs almost always have an odd side to them. Because that way, that tone or undertone of his voice is what makes him worthy of the title American Idol.


Can Adam do any wrong? I don't think so! An indulgent rubish? Simon Cowell just had to find something to say, I think saying anything nice or good is like a poison to him. lol. And his version of Ring of Fire? Not enough time in the day to say how amazing that was. Amazing!


notice how in the picture, everyone is sitting around Adam, the next american idol:)