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LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian Affair?

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Singer LeAnn Rimes has been accused of cheating on her husband Dean Sheremet with her Northern Lights co-star Eddie Cibrian.

UsWeekly declares that there is shocking proof, in the form of security camera footage, showing Leann and Eddie kissing at Mosun and Club M in Laguna Beach, California earlier in the month.  They also met for a three-hour tryst at the Malibu Beach Inn on March 14.

The director of Northern Lights told that the pair hit it off right from the get-go and that they developed a really strong bond and a warm friendship.

Rimes and Sheremet, who have been married seven years, renewed their wedding vows in August 2008.  As far as Cibrian's romantic life goes, he has been married to Brandi Glanville since 2001 and they have two young sons together.

Rimes has posted a message for her fans this morning on her website.  It reads:

"This is a difficult time for me and my loved ones, but I appreciate all your continued support.   I would like to assure all of you that this is a place for you to hear things directly from me and as you all know, not everything in our lives is always black and white.  Have faith."

More photos below.

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Photos:  WENN/Apega
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Okay Leanne didn't cheat by herself, Eddie is just as guilty, if not more so, he's the one with the two kids at home. It's easy to stand back and judge them, but you don't really know them. Plus, why are these two z list celebs getting so much publicity over an affair? It happens everyday in their line of work. Just look at Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. I don't remember people saying all of this about Angelina, it's like she got a free pass because she is so famous. Angelina even went and bragged about the affair in a magazine. Another thing I find strange is that no matter what the case, the woman always turns out to be the home wrecker. Yes, Leanne is married, but so is Eddie AND EDDIE HAS 2 KIDS AT HOME. So, he should of been thinking of his kids instead of Leanne.


Faith it was your husband had in you, and how did you pay him back? YOU CHEATED. Homewreckers are what you and Eddie are, there are two liitle boys involved here, I hope your career goes up in smoke. Any Film Company who gives you both work needs shooting.


what a total crap after cheating on your husband your telling people have faith.. why don't you tell that to your x husband then maybe he'll smack you in the face like what Chris Brown did to Rihanna then you'll be experiencing only black and white.