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Suzan Lewis is Jerry Lewis Daughter (PHOTOS and VIDEO)

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Suzan Minoret, 56, who goes by Suzan Lewis, is Jerry Lewis' daughter according to a DNA test taken by his son Gary Lewis.

After years of trying to get Jerry Lewis to admit paternity, Suzan, a comedienne, has finally gotten DNA evidence from an unlikely source - Jerry's son Gary Lewis.

Gary agreed to submit to a paternity test on Inside Edition, saying, "I was willing to do that because nobody else was stepping forward." Lewis said, "I knew how bad I would want to know if I didn't know who my father was. I'd want someone to help me. My dad may think of it as a betrayal, but I didn't mean to stir anything up.

"This is just one of those random acts of kindness. I thought she deserved to know where she came from."

The DNA results indicated an 88.7 percent chance that Suzan is related to Gary.

In the 1950s and 1960s, Suzan's mother, Lynn, and stepfather, Hy Uchitel, owned and operated some of the most elegant entertainment establishments in Manhattan. They included the El Morocco night club, and Voisin, a posh French Restaurant. In 1976, Suzan's mother disclosed that Suzan's biological father is Jerry Lewis.

Jerry Lewis, who has never publicly acknowledged Suzan as his daughter, has refused to comment about the DNA results.

Photos and video below.

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Let's put the entire Everett paternity suit to rest, I personally witnessed Chad Everett walk into the residence with Sheila holding two brown paper bags with liquor in them. An hour later I returned to the apartment and observed Chad Everett having relations with Sheila in her bedroom. They did not see me or have knowledge that I had returned to the home to get my baseball glove. Had even one of Sheila's attorneys had allowed me to testify this is what a jury would have heard as direct evidence. In addition, all of the kids playing in the neighborhood observed and admired Chad Everetts bitchen car parked for nearly three hours in front of the house. Oh and one more thing, the fact that a simple test swab of Chad's mouth could in fact close the book on the paternity allegations made by Sheila never transpired, Chad as well as his children have repeatedly refused to comply with a test that would negate their guilt. Ask yourself if you were provisionally offered an opportunity to free yourself wouldn't you comply! The Hollywood Media groups and Hollywood elite should insist that this egregious issue finally have some closure. Who knows how many children this allegedly Christian minister fathered? Signed The other son


While this might sound like a cruel joke, I assure you, it is not. I work at a McDonald's in the Northeast (Mayfair) section of Philadelphia. Suzan Lewis frequents my job, grabs her coffee and relaxes with a man. I didn't believe her until I saw this article. Here's the problem: they're homeless. She comes in a lot, dressed in the same pink scrubs every time, to write more about her father (under different management? I heard her say something about untrustworthy managers). It's a shame no one in her family has come to help her.

@ Joel Fisicaro

I doubt I will be back in this site so if you want to follow-up with me here is my email:


Oops.....the illiterate, morons have come out again with Katherine everett thorp and
Shannon everett to defame and accuse me sheila scotti,mother of dale everett
Out of wedlock son of chad everett...Katherine and Shannon instead of submitting to DNA test, are spreading false statements re me and dale...there will never be closure
Or peace in their families until they recognize their half brother dale everett.....and I will be fighting for dale and his right to exist until eternity and even after that.....get it? Judge Cardenas the fixed judge in the case will never find peace either..... My life and dale,s was threatened by the everetts all these years not theirs,,,,,all the truth has not been revealed....


I would think that chad everetts other children would want to know if they have another sibling. I surely do hope that they will help him someday! it s ashame he s had to grow up with the constant uncertainty who is his father. shame shame on chad if he is his father! how could he have had a conscience knowing he might have another child out there who atleast should be acknowledged! good luck son!


Very sad. I remember when Dale was born - I read about it in a screen magazine while rocking my newborn son. I never forgot about it.
Why doesn't Dale ask one of his half sisters - Chad's daughters - to do a DNA test to see if they are related?
That would put the case to rest.
He has a right to know.
Good luck.


Cami, you know nothing about DNA testing, so shut up! Paternity testing by blood type is not evidence of parentage, and it has never been used for that purpose, in the Everett case Human leukocyte antigen testing was done, it is NOT A SIMPLE blood type test! Obviously, you appear to know those two daughter's of Mr. Cramton's well enough to know how well they're doing professionally & personally. Therefore, tell your friends to put an end to this and submit to a DNA test, because there is a person who believes Mr. Cramton/Everett is his father, and he deserves to know the real truth, even if it proves false, they them to do it as a random act of kindness! Furthermore, Ms. Scotti never brought up money, YOU DID, and frankly I was sickened by it, yet, I also had to laugh, because my sister-in-law is an attorney and her condo is worth more than what the Cramton's sold their home for! I have to wonder where remarks like that originate from, hopefully, not from the Everett's/Cramton's? In any event it just shows the type of person you are, white trash that may know someone who sold something for $1.5 mil. But then, Kate knows, a million dollars doesn't buy much now-a-days does it Kate? Birds of a feather.....


In answer to the unlearned pro Chad people (unnecessary because most intelligent people know the truth, but I will anyway)
Larry Evans was Chad Everett's very ignorant stand-in so Chad tried to put the blame on him and gave him good sum of money...but it did not work.
Then Chad tried to switch his own blood for someone else's,but that did not work either as we had monitors. at the laboratory .and the HLA blood test result was 95% that Chad was indeed Dale's father. A jury was outlawed in all future paternity cases because of jury's reprehensible ruling against Dale and because jury could not wait to hug and kiss Chad since he was a handsome popular TV Star.Jury was obviously not only stupid, enthralled, but biased., as is the ignorant people who still cannot grasp and understand the medical and other obvious truths


Re Dale, I know Dale. He looks rather like Chad Everett. Especially so when he was young. I otherwise don't care about trial transcripts, as people lie all the time. DNA testing is non-invasive, they put a swab inside your mouth and collect saliva. The fact that our gal above, Dani, reference to chasing for 40 years, well, if Chad wanted to be over the chasing, a conclusion DNA test would go a long way to ending the chase. Again, given that all they do is put a cotton swab on a stick in your mouth, you draw the only reasonable inference from having a pre-DNA paternity judgment followed by a long history of refusing DNA testing. Oh, and did I mention that the swab is inside your mouth for about 5 seconds. He would even have to leave wherever he's at, as the person from the testing company can go him, tell him to say, ahhh, and five seconds later it's over.


Shelia Scott has spent almost 40 years trying to get a piece of the Everet pie. The blood test that she says "proves" Chad is the father is the test that determines a person's blood TYPE. I have my dad's blood type. So do most people. So do my adopted 7 brothers and sisters!
A stagehand admitted to having sex with her and he was determined to be the father. I heard he died shortly afterward.
As for her kid having Chad's last name. Everett as we all know is his screen name. It is not his legal name which Chad's daughters have.
Shelia Scott had 2 sonsbut you never hear abouth the other one.


How many women have sex just hoping to get knocked up and trap a guy for the rest of their lives? I guess Sheila Scott is the perfect example of a scheme gone wrong! The transcript is on record should anyone have any doubts!