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Regina Lasko: David Letterman's Wife (PHOTOS)

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regina lasko and david letterman

Regina Lasko, longtime girlfriend of David Letterman, is now his wife.  The couple were married  on March 19th in Montana.

Lasko, 48, is a former production manager.  She and Letterman have been in a relationship since 1986, and have a 5-year-old son, Harry, who also attended the ceremony - see video discussion of wedding by Dave here.

Letterman announced his marriage to Lasko Monday night during his opening monologue. (View video below)

“I had avoided getting married pretty good for, like, 23 years,” he said during The Late Show taping, “and I … secretly felt that men who were married admired me, like I was the last of the real gunslingers.”

This is Letterman's second marriage.  He divorced his first wife in 1977.

UPDATE June 10, 2009 - Letterman delivered a controversial monologue last night on his show.  He trashed Sarah Palin's 14-year-old daughter.  The Alaska governor is fighting mad today and is taking her wrath to her Facebook page.

View photos of Regina Lasko and Letterman's wedding announcement video below.

regina lasko, david letterman and harry joseph in rome 2007david letterman and regina laskodavid letterman and son harryregina lasko and david letterman married

photos: Venturini/Bauergriffinonline

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WTF! Dave Letterman is a wealthy asshole, typical low-life liberal/leftist. He has nothing original, and he is an insult to the late-night group. celebrities and audiences. I attempted to watch his liberal bullshit one night and fell asleep and out of my chair. May have a legal action here?


it really comes down to one thing,If you like or dont like Letterman. If you are a far left liberal, you probably love him. if you are a conservitiveYou probably can't stand him.I can't stand him.


I am 57 year old woman . I have a lot more respect for a man who marry's a women close to his age. I don't see anything wrong with David Letterman's wife. I think they are a perfect match. If she stays with him after what he did, its not my business, I could not care less. I like his show and think he is funny.


Damn! She doesn't look that bad. She's actually very attractive for an almost 50 year old woman who has had a child. From all the radio chatter I heard on my way to work this morning, I was expecting a real dog. I'm a 55 year old guy. Age makes us all look different and theres nothing we can do about it. Don't be so cruel.


WWWWWWWWHOOO would want to sleep with david letterman. He is the ugliest man ive ever seen


leave david letterman alone he not the first one to make a mistake and won,t be the last person to make a mistake it can happen in any family even the people who are making a big deal of the whole thing so if you live in a glass house don,t throw stones look in your own family and see if your all perfect or at some time in there lives they too made a mistake


"I hate stupid people"
Seriously, you're the dogmatic stupid idiot here. If you don't think that his "lovely" wife Regina didn't know that Letterman, the cretin, wasn't giving the hairy eyeball to every young intern that entered the CBS building, you are an absolute idiot. For God's sake, he a "special" room just for doing the nasty with them. Palin was right, he owes an apology to all young women across America, especially Willow. All those mean hate-filled jokes about Palin was just his way of getting back at all the pretty and SMART girls who turned him down in high school...LOSER


I always felt that he had a "Dirty Old Man" feel & look to him-I was correct! -So Sorry Regina, & Sorry for all the ill sayings on your looks-beautiful child by the way!-Sorry for the child-it really sucks most for him!, When parents cheat-they forget the unspoken oath to the children-they CHEAT on them worse!-Chidren should not have to be placed in such a position.-Really Sad-Shame on Letterman-selfish deeds indeed! Lissy


David is proof that you can get away with such things if you are a celebrity and have the position and power. Never mind if you are ugly and rude as long as you have dim witted trailer park types rooting for you.


That's Dave's wife? Yikes! Not trying to be mean to his wife. She should just get a little make-over. Wow Dave! And you have been giving Palin grief?!! I think she a babe, and I'm a girl, for gosh sakes. I have been waiting for all that cutting up and mean crap, you spew, to come back and bite you. YOU BETCHA!