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Philip Markoff: Craigslist Killer Led Double Life (PHOTOS)

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survellience photo

Handsome 22 year old medical student Philip Markoff was arrested late Monday and will be arraigned today on charges of murder, kidnapping and robbery in three recent crimes against sex trade workers who advertised on Craigslist.

Markoff, a Quincy resident, was arraigned in Boston Municipal Court on Tuesday (see photo below) for the murder of New York masseuse Julissa Brisman.   The slain 26 year old was discovered shot at the upscale Boston Copley Marriot on April 14.    The suspect was charged with murder and will continue to be held without bail.

The med student was also charged with kidnapping and robbery of an exotic dancer at one of Boston's posh Westin hotel properties on April 10.  Markoff restrained the woman with zip ties and left the scene with her debit card and $800 cash.  He is suspected in a third assault of a Las Vegas hooker at a Rhode Island hotel on Thursday.  In that case, he restrained and robbed the woman at gunpoint.

Police got a break after releasing captured building surveillance images of Markoff leaving all three crime scenes.  According to NY Daily News, investigators worked with Craigslist to backtrack the suspect through his computer IP address.

The suspect was stopped by police at 4 p.m. on Monday as he drove south of Boston on Interstate 95.  He was taken to police headquarters for questioning and was later arrested.  Police believe that other sex workers are also victims of Markoff's crimes and they are being asked to come forward.

The clean cut Boston University student and son of a dentist is engaged to marry fellow med student Megan McAllister.  The bride-to-be put together a wedding web page at but has taken it down.  Check out a screen shot below.

Photos and video below.

  • philip markoff and megan mcallister from her website
  • julissa brisman her facebook page

police video of suspect

 screen shot of site before it was taken down

  • philip markoff at bu medical school ceremony in 2007 courtesy da
  • more photos of the suspect
  • medical student philip markoff arraigned in court

This is actually the second Craigslist murder.  See coverage on the first here.

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Thanks for the photos.


justicewillbeserved, yes, I do hope more details will emerge. Armed robbery, beating people, and murder do not occur in a vacuum. This cretin was twisted in many other ways long before these crimes came to light.
I hope mom and dad have money saved. Dentist dad will lose his patients and mom will be hassled on the job and will have to quit. Many of their skeletons will come to light, too.
Cretin Markoff has "killed" his own family. Lucky for him, tho, he won't feel much except sorrow for himself. Everyone else will bear the pain.
I'd like to be left alone with him for a few minutes. Even if he can't feel emotional pain, I bet he can feel physical.


seems to me the police have pretty convincing evidence that Markoff is the killer:
1) traced his computer by looking at the Email interaction with the killed girl
2) he is identified by another girl he robbed
3) he is on camera on the sites of both hotels not sure if the know if the gun they found is the murder weapon. Not sure if the panties they found are from the girls he robbed/killed. Apparently he is on suicide watch because it seems he tried to kill himself. If he is not the man then the girl that claimed to be robbed by him should be lying. For now I think he is the guy.


I totally agree with Kevin Reid, that this has to be a wake up call for people using social media sites. So often it lists everything about us, where we are from, where we like to go with friends, what we do for a living- it basically leads people right to us. I'm not saying he is guilty, he deserves a trial, but I think this is just another example of how our culture is changing the way our judicial system is working. Not only is it being played out on a national stage, but even they way the police tracked him down using new technologies is a big step from how we used to solve crimes.


Tragic story. Everything I've read about the guy pointed to him being pretty normal. Here's a quote from NBC, “All signs pointed to him as being a clean cut average young man... But police say he had a much darker side.” It must be difficult for the fiance or his friends and family members to accept this since he appeared to be so normal. I can't imagine learning about one of my friends doing this, since I feel they are all pretty normal as well.


Also, I truly hope that this is a HUGE wake up call to those who go online looking for "action" or "love" or whatever. You doNOT know who and what you are dealing with when you do this. I did this many times in the past, when I was young and single and I thank GOD that I am still alive. Do not think it will not happen to you. You never know. At least let these poor victim's death count for something and serve as a warning to the dangers of answering a Craigslist ad or any other type of personal ads. Is it worth the risk of death?


I am not saying that Phillip Markoff is guilty. That has not been completely proven yet. However, his fiance needs to keep in mind Ted Bundy, who was very nice looking and was liked by most everyone who knew him. A likeable, nice looking guy has even more of a chance to lure someone into their plot than most. Again, this is not to say that he is guilty, but being a labeled a "nice guy" or "good boy" by your family and fiance does not mean that he could not have another side that no one knows about. I pray that if he is not guilty, may that be proven beyond a reasonable doubt and may his good name be totally and completely restored. If he is guilty, may God have mercy on his soul and I pray for the victims, their families and his family and fiance.


News about robberies or murders are bread and butter for news organizations. But, the Philip Markoff case takes the cake and the icing as being one of the most interesting sensational stories and it may change on how we view what a criminal looks like. Everyone covering or following this story is asking why such a man who had a great future would go into robbing and eventually kill an innocent woman. Mr. Markoff, a second year student, looks like a normal person, but if you scratch underneath the surface there were tell-tale signs of a sociopath. We are getting bits and pieces of his past like when the Morning Show interviewed a SUNY Albany student who knew of him as being misogynistic, racist, and somewhat too sure of himself. These are just little morsels that show a darker side to his character. There's no doubt that the journalists will find other unfavorable traits like perhaps cheating or the use of antipsychotics or antidepressants considering that he's allegedly a major gambler with tons of debt. Whatever his defense team outlines in case they pull the insanity plea, it will fail since his actions were chronic and even though they were chronic, he was still able to function normally in life. Obviously, he's the new poster boy sociopaths. It's ashame that he had a messed-up life with his history of his parents divorce. But, that's not a reason to kill people. Justice will be served.


I think this is going to turn out to be a case of mistaken idenity fueled by twenty something jealousy/rivalry. Just a hunch!