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British Singer Marilyn Claims Gay Affair with Gavin Rossdale (PHOTOS and VIDEO)

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british singer marilyn

British singer Marilyn, born Peter Robinson, claims he had a 5-year affair with Gavin Rossdale, husband of Gwen Stefani.

Allegations first surfaced in 1995 that the cross-dressing singer and the Bush frontman had been lovers in the 80s, in the Boy George biography "Take It Like a Man."  Both Marilyn and Rossdale denied the claim at the time, saying they were just good friends.

Marilyn now tells In Touch magazine that he agreed to deny their affair because of Rossdale's growing music career.

“He was just becoming successful in America. I agreed to lie against every grain in my body,” Marilyn says.  “We were together five years, but it felt like forty.”

Marilyn added Rossdale “was the love of my life.”

Rossdale, who has been married to Gwen Stefani for 7 years, has not commented on the latest claims.

More photos and video of Marilyn aka Peter Robinson below.

Marilyn "Calling Your Name" video from 1983

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LMFAO!!!!Ah didn't CLAIM to have a relationship with Gav...ah juss mentioned that we HAD had a relationship!!And...ah keep hearing that because ah was 'pretty',that somehow equates to meh bein the 'passive' half...EEE-EEERRRRRR!!!!WRONG!!Oh...ah can't WAIT til mah book comes out...wass Diane (Ross) always sayin...oh yeah...: "Iss a new DAY!!" LOlol!!...ohhhh...ah cannot WAIT!!!!Love Em,x (Marilyn)


i met gavin at a party recently... I have really good gaydar and can absolutely tell he is bi-sexual. Not even a doubt as to the way he moved, gestured and flapped his hands etc... and that on top of the fact that a really good source i cant name mentioned another affair he has/had with Roger Federer.... Also Gwen seems rather masculine/strong for a lady and so it makes sense that she was a good fit fort him (i met her too). Anyhow, i dont care if anyone is gay or straight, just fun talking about it.


wow. i listen to gavin's band bush, and really appreciate their music. i choose not to believe this rumor, because seriously, gwen or this guy? not brain surgery. this guy is heinous. the song is worse, if that is even possible. notice the "top 100 worst videos ever" in the top right corner. i agree wholeheartedly.


I had never heard of Gavin until he married Stefani and even than never heard of his band.


and gwen knew when she married him cuz we all did.


oh those british