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Deborra-Lee Furness is Hugh Jackman's Wife (PHOTOS)

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 hugh jackman with wife deborra lee furness

Deborrah-Lee Furness and Hugh Jackman

Deborra-Lee Furness, 54, has the distinction of being the wife of People magazine's 2008 Sexiest Man Alive Hugh Jackman, 40.

Furness attended the Methodist Ladies' College in Melbourne, Australia, and is also a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York.

The four time FCCA Award winner met Jackman in 1995 on the set of  his first television acting job in the Australian TV show "Corelli."  The two married in April 1996.

Jackman personally designed an engagement ring for Furness, and their wedding rings bore the Sanskrit inscription "Om paramar mainamar," translated as "we dedicate our union to a greater source."

The couple has two adopted children, Oscar Maximilian (born 15 May 2000) and Ava Eliot (born 10 July 2005). They currently live in Manhattan, NY.

View photos of Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness below.

deborra-lee furness and daughter avahugh jackman and deborra-lee furness with children oscar and avahugh jackman and wife deborra-lee furnesshugh jackman and deborra-lee furnesshugh jackman with deborra-lee furnessdeborra-lee furness and hugh jackman

photos: WENN

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    I think they're an awesome couple, and he's one of the few less in need of a Psychologist than the train wrecks in Hollywood.

    (Note: I've known personally and socially quite a few Psychologists in my life, and it's my observation that they are as messed up as some of their patients).

    I think the ones that have a problem with this are the ones with the problem.


    Sorry, beleive that much of the negative comments are not because of jealousy. Im a psychologist and I think the way he talks about his wife is more like a kid "my momma said", an idealized mother image. They are not well suited and that has nothing to do with age difference. Also there is no denying that she is less forunate appearancewise, fertilitiwise, bodywise, talentwise, charmwise etc, I beleive similar people match. He will be with her forever though, so traumatized by the loss of his mother. I've also noticed that she almost TRIES to look older, which to me indicates something. She also always wears black, in psychology referred to as the "crone" color. A very peculiar match.


    She seems richer inside than him, and he probably could not have made himself a super star without her, you never know. I think she's such a lady.


    I am an Australian woman, married with three children. I hope, by the time my children grow up there will be much more acceptance in the world. Still people find ways to divide each other, age, gender, sexuality, colour... God - just live life and make the most of it! I don't think he's that HOT anyhow, nothing like Leonardo DiCaprio ,-) who is about 8 years younger than me - nice to dream! Relax with the narrow mindedness!


    I dont think anyone is jealous of Hugh's wife because they are speaking critical of her looks. Her husband is famous so of course people will critique her its part of being in the spot light. He is amazingly handsome to ALL women so we are expecting an amazingly and equally attractive woman by his side. Its female human condition to think in such a way because he is such a gorgeous man. She is definitely not what most women pictured his wife to look like including me. Yes, its superficial I agree but oh well.


    I think they are wonderful. They look like two souls who connected, why is that so hard to believe? She was gorgeous when she was younger and I'm sure he was proud to snag her. They are so cute together and have obviously built their lives together. It warms my heart.

    (And I am grateful for such couples. Lisa Bonet and her boyfriend and father of her youngest two children are another example. My boyfriend is 12 years younger than I am. He is so handsome, 6'3, Scandinavian, he chased me so hard and I had the usual insecurities an older woman would have but I'm so glad I let him catch me. Because he is a beautiful person and so am I, and no one else has ever been right for either of us. So yay for all the couples out there like us!)


    Seriously, those people who said that age doesn't matter and that it's okay for a younger man to be with a way older woman (not pointing to anyone) are definitely just pretending. Of course age does matter! And it's a hell of an issue in the whole public if someone is being with a too much older partner. You can't tell people to stop criticizing about that most especially if the subject are those populars. But the MAIN issue with this is that THEY LOVE AND HAPPY WITH EACH OTHER. Can you guys imagine, Hugh and Deb won't be able to reach even 3 years if they don't love each other! That's point with that. I'm happy for them. Hugh is indeed a one blessed gift for the womankind. All I can say is, Deb is very LUCKY to have his love.


    Though it was his mother, when i first saw the pair... ooops!!!
    If they are a happy pair, who cares, not all good looking pairs are happy anyways!


    i hope she's not paing him to be married to's heartbreaking just looking at them together!!!!...without her he wld be perfect, and nooooobody is meant to be perfect


    i have to say age is not important i was in a long term relationship with someone eleven years younger then me and i never felt older or worried about the age difference and neither did he .Happiest relationship i've ever had.

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