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Jon & Kate Plus 8: Jon Gosselin Cheating Scandal PHOTOS

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On April 18th while Jon & Kate Plus 8 mom Kate Gosselin was on the road promoting her latest book Eight Little Faces, bad boy hubby Jon Gosselin was living it up and got caught on camera.

The latest US Weekly cover reads:  Caught With Another Woman.  We're guessing this is not the kind of publicity that TLC is looking for after the season finale left viewers up in the air over the status of Jon and Kate's relationship and the future of the show.  Kate Gosselin told People magazine that she IS considering a split.

Jon reportedly spent 90 minutes at Legends Lounge in Wernerville, PA  and was photographed leaving at 2:00 a.m.  He made his exit via the back door, reportedly feeling no pain and not wearing his wedding band.  Onlookers said that he could barely walk. The father of the famous eight was even overheard yelling to his female companion, "Hey, Babe! Babe!  Give me my jacket" before getting into his car.

When Jon realized that they were being photographed, he apparently panicked and yelled "get in the car!"  Then they sped off without even turning on the headlights on his Nissan Nismo.

Jon sent the following statement to US Weekly:  "I went to Legends to speak to the owner.  A friend of mine wanted to check out my car, so I let her drive it to her car."  He added, "Yes, I have female friends - but that is all she is."

And so it goes.  More drama - which will undoubtedly be very good for ratings, though not so good when the normally cantankerous Kate discovers that her man has been caught once again engaging in suspicious activities.

TLC, who has been surprisingly silent, has finally issued an interesting statement on the tabloid rumors.

Jon is apparently doing some damage control because he also gave a statement to People magazine on the subject.  He said:

"Like most people, I have male and female friends and I'm not going to end my friendships just because I'm on TV.  However, being out with them late at night showed poor judgment on my part.  What makes me sick is that my careless behavior has put my family in this uncomfortable position.  My family is the most important thing in my life and it kills me that these allegations have hurt them.  Kate's career is taking off and I'm a bit lost.  This struggle has definitely put some tension on our marriage."

Check out photos from Jon's last escapade here.  Find out what Jon's girl friend Deanna Hummel told People magazine.

UPDATE June 22, 2009: Jon and Kate file for divorce

UPDATE: Jon Gosselin Deanna Hummel affair CONFIRMED

Family photo below.  See the NEW first episode details of Season 5 here.

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kate is an awesome mother. she can be a bit bitchy but she has EIGHT KIDS the stress level is really high and is probably really tired so she has the right and she loves him so dont blame her jon cheated and that is so low and harsh and to think that wen they got married they said they would be together forever but everybody has a diffrent meaning of forever but jon is a bitch and stupid to leave a beautiful woman like kate! - signed anamanous


Face it, they are not ever to be poster parents for a perfect family. Both have issues. She is somewhat cranky, (given she does have 8 children), but everything we watch on TV. she tends to be sitting on her ass in a plastic chair. I know she works really hard, but show that stuff. And, Jon, you are absolutely no f-ing angel. Get your divorce, (should have gone to cousneling), probably would have given you more face time on TLC. What are you thinking, didn't get enough before Kate? You both decided to do this. Both have to parent up and do what is best for those 8Ibeautiful childrent. I still think Kate has probably stepped out, but nothing has proven. Jon, don't be a D-Bag. Your kids have computers in the house, and also in their school. The family has much media coverage, their friends are looking at tabloids and telling them what they know. Put the butts out and keep tongues and whatever zips out under control. You are making a big mistake haning out with younger women. Guaranteed, they are looking for the train to paradise. It will get derailed, and you will grow up lonely in love.


All these people saying that we need to mind our bussiness they need to shut up because its a fact that Kate dont need a cheater.. So yeah if yall think that we need to mind our bussiness.. you shouldnt even have left a comment.


Its terrible that he would do that to his family. He has eight children and he's cheating on his wife. If i was Kate i would slap his jaws leave him.. She needs a man that would help her with her eight and love her too.


It's painful to watch the complete desolation of a marriage. They took vows. Kate's attitude was completely destructive, but it is never alright to cheat. Disgusting. See what bitterness and unforgiveness does? They hate eachother. And they made the focus the kids, entirely neglecting the relationship.


honestly i think that its not all Jons fault!,because kate is a little ruogh on him and he never stands up for him self!,Kate needs to give him a break!.and just because Jon goes out and parties doesnt mean hes a bad father!.but im not saying its kates fault either!,Whta Jon did was wrong,if he cheated on her or not but we the publice need to respect their privice!.their grown up and have their kids i think they can make their own choses!.going out and partieing is.nt bad!,but you have to no when to controll it!,i know that some times we need to go out and have some fun but not always!..and Jon has 8 kids,he should leave out the partieing alittle,im not saying he should stop but just controll it!,,and by the way if Jon has a girl friend good for him!.kate and him are devorsed or getting devorsed so if he has a girl friend it doesnt matter,if he loves her and she loves him and she loves his kids then what the heck let him be with her!


wow Jon is a cheater and stupid but you could find some1 way better then him. anyone with me on this?


i hope things would work out with u Kate and Ur kids and Ur ex husband


wow that's crazy Jon and Kate has some very beautiful kids why would he cheat on Kate for! Also Kate Ur a great mother 2 Ur kids so is Jon i wish i would meet u Kate and Ur kids?


I think its sad they couldnt work it out. They looked like such a beautiful family. I think the show should go on. It happens in everyday life, so I think it is good for people to watch how things are coped / having 8 childre, especially now that they are getting a divorce. Atleast if the show goes on , the children will have a very wealthy life and never worry about anything. And I'm sure that both of their parents love them unconditionally