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Heidi Northcott is Jose Canseco's Girlfriend (PHOTOS)

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Jose Canseco is a former major league baseball outfielder and designated hitter.  He is now starting a new career in mixed martial arts in an attempt to regain his financial solvency after admitting to steroid use and losing his home to foreclosure.

It was announced on April 30, 2009 that Canseco would debut at Dream 9 against K-1 standout Hong Man Choi as part of DREAM'S Super Hulk Tournament.  The match is slated for May 26 in Japan.  His opponent is 7'2" and weighs in at 330.

The former MLB star filmed a documentary for A&E Network last year entitled Jose Canseco: Last Shot. In January 2009, he fought child actor and radio personality Danny Bonaduce.  The three-round match ended in a majority draw - check it out here.

Canseco's girlfriend is poker player Heidi Northcott.  The 5'3" green eyed blonde attended college at the University of Southern California.

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Hahah. She looks like a big headed alien.


Ihad the op. to work onthis event until hte promter tried to byrn us that made me laugh~ cops ended up coming after the "fight" tear gas etc etc so I heard form one of the ring annoucers~ the promoter is an idiot as well