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Father Alberto Cutie: Miami Priest Caught In Sex Scandal (PHOTOS)

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tvnotas controversial photos father alberto cutie

Well known South Florida priest Father Alberto Cutie, 40, is under fire after a Spanish-language tabloid magazine released controversial photos of him with a woman.  The pictures were published by TVnotas and show the priest fondling a female and engaging in other sexually compromising positions.

Rev. Alberto Cutie (pronounced koo-tee-AYE), who has his own Spanish language television show on the Telemundo network, hosts a radio show on Radio Pax and writes an advice column in the El Nuevo Herald has been removed from his media programs and has been stripped of his duties and forbidden from saying mass as a result of the scandal.  He has been placed on leave and has reportedly been sent by Archbishop of Miami John C. Favalora to an undisclosed location to pray and reflect upon his fall from grace.

An 8-page spread will appear on Thursday in TVnotas.  The two dozen photos, taken over a three day period, show the couple having a romantic interlude on the beach.  The paparazzi have been shopping the photos around for the past six weeks, with an asking price of six figures for the salacious pics.

Cutie attracted great fame with his television debut in 1999 as the host of Padre Alberto, a daily talk show televised on the Telemundo.  He published a self-help book Real Life, Real Love in January 2006.  It was considered a bestseller in the Spanish language market.

The Reverend Favalora issued this statement:  "I am deeply saddened by the news surrounding Father Alberto Cutie.  Father Cutie made a promise of celibacy and all priests are expected to fulfill that promise.  Father Cutie's actions cannot be condoned despite the good works he has done as a priest."

Father Cutie, who is no longer administrator of the St. Francis de Sales parish of Miami Beach, issued his own statement that read, "I ask the forgiveness of those who may be hurt or saddened by my actions.  The commitment I made to serve God will remain intact.  I am grateful for the love and support I have received from so many in the community."

May 28, 2009 UPDATE: Father Alberto Cutie is joining the Episcopal Church to be with the woman he loves, he announced on Thursday.  He said, "I will always love the Catholic church and all of its members, but I want to start today by going into a new family.  Here before this community where I have chosen to serve and where I live, I am going to continue to proclaim the word of God and my love for God."  See video announcement below.

More photos and video below, including the controversial tabloid pics.

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father alberto was wrong. why? because he joined and organization and did not follow the rules. if you want to have a family, don't be a priest. it's really that simple.


I am just appalled, what was this man thinking? I'll tell what he wasn't thinking off, all the lonely little boys out there that need some loving. It's a goddamn shame that people like him have to stain the good image of the catholic church by committing these atrocities(especially after that whole throwing people into dungeons and torturing them until they believe what you say deal.) You know what, I think as an initiatory ritual all priests should cutt off their genitalia, because evidently God is not a good enough reason for them to keep it in their pants. Not surprising.


true he commit the sin but he is on people like us we commit sins,God know what is truth He is deserves to give of forgiveness


If allowing priests to marry is supposed to help prevent them from becoming perverts then how do you explain why a particular perverted priest left the priesthood to get married and then still was caught abusing young boys? Men entering the priesthood know what will be expected of them when they take their solemn vow. They should take it very seriously. Also, to me, Frank's comment 5/19/09 makes a lot of sense.


I was saddened by Father's decision to leave the church of St.Augustine of Cantebury, the church of St. Patrick; the church of the Tyburn martyrs; the church of St. Thomas Moore; the church of St. John Fisher; the church of St. Margaret de la Pole; the church of St. Edmund Campion, the church of hundreds of persecuted and murdered British Catholics, for a decendent of the state church invented by Henry VIII and James VI and I and maintained by and elitist state. I guess now, this priest will be known as an apostate. (forgive my mispellings. As one of this priet's admirers, I"ve been so hurt by this.) I also support all decisions made in this regard by Holy Mother Church. JMJ..


A great tragedy, and nothing to be scoffed at. The life of a priest requires great sacrifices, if he is to emulate Christ and be another Christ. Of course most choose the priesthood when they are young, idealistic, and perhaps naive. Life is full of temptations, and the life of a priest is not, or at least should not be, an easy one. It is in the sacrifice, like that of Christ, that the world is inspired. How sad then to see a fallen priest capitulate to his frailties and join an institution premised upon them, and a mere facsimile in fancy dress. I am sure the story of Padre Cutie is only in intermission. How this folly pans out remains to be seen. But I don't condemn him. I am sad for his hypocrisy, and the pain he has caused others, which is only magnified by his rash decision. The Church has survived far greater scandals, and this headache will pass; for it is guaranteed to survive until the end of the world.


anniepink wrote on 05/29/2009 10:25:25 AM:
Be happy Father Alberto Cutie. Most of the people knows that a forbidden relationship is atractive. The poor Priest didn't know what was sex or love... in spanish we say "lejos de la paila" (far away from pan) and I strongly beleive that he is infatuated, not in love. I wish him THE BEST and I hope it was worth-it! I am praying, specially because there is a strong battle inside every one of us each day. The thing is that he lied and behave like a 15 year old. Giving communion, talking in the media about moral, confession, etc., I in my opinion he act irresponsable. Heaven and hell are around the corner, is life! Let's face it; we cannot condem him, but we cannot admire and celebrate the way he did things. He is "in love" fine... say good bye to Catholic Roman Church and do whatever you want, but don't lie for two years and behave like a moral person. "Predicando la moral en calzoncillos" (preaching about moral in underwear". But hey GOOD LUCK!


He commited a sin against GOD. Remember he took oath to become priest. Problem here is his reputation is damaged badly and only he himself can acknowledge it. He never admit his wrong doing. If it's because love sex occured in the dark then his love also show the dark side of his. IT WON'T AND NEVER LAST God save his soul


It's interesting that some Protestants understand the Catholic Church better then her own children. Here's an interesting article I came across. My brother is a Protestant pastor, married 25 years with five beautiful children. He's struggled to be husband and father and then be on call 24/7 for the hungry, sick, hurting and dying in his church. He recently confided in me, “I love my family ... and I love my church. But it's nearly killed me to have two families. I've been exhausted for almost three decades, and both my family and my church have suffered. I see the wisdom of the Catholic Church requirement for celibacy. To pastor a church is to be married to it, and one wife and family is enough.” For the Catholic church, celibacy has nothing to do with prohibiting sex as many think. It is about choosing carefully who you will “marry” and serve faithfully the rest of your life — even when the honeymoon is over and until death do you part. To want to be a priest and husband may often be like the man who wants two wives. He has only enough time and energy for one. With two they all suffer. Our culture needs much more education and preparation to help all people — laity and clergy — chose any lifelong commitment.


Leave father Cutie alone he is not a bad person. He just needs to make up his mind on the choice he is going to make and stick to it. For all those people that think he should be ashamed of himself; try living your life without love and a companion and see how it feels. It's so easy to judge someone when you are not in their shoes. If you are a good catholic pray for father Cutie to find his way in life. A person could do worse things than what he did. I also believe that women should respect priest and not write to them to meet up in some place like that women did to father Cutie pray for her too that if father Cutie chooses to be back as a priest that she should leave him alone.