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Jon Gosselin Deanna Hummel Affair Confirmed (PHOTOS)

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jon gosselin deanna hummel affair

Jon & Kate Plus 8 dad Jon Gosselin has been having an affair with third grade teacher Deanna Hummel for three months and sources are revealing details.  Kate Gosselin first blew off the rumors but now she is taking them serious and says the couple IS considering a split.

Five people close to the situation, including Hummel's older brother Jason, are speaking out about the affair which began after Jon and Deanna met at Chill Lounge in Reading, Pennsylvania in mid-January.

According to Jason, who lives with Deanna, Jon relentlessly pursued his sister and began coming to their home in Reading by mid-February.

Jason says the two would "pretty much stay locked away like two teenagers.  It was weird.  He's a grown man," adding, "A lot of the time, it was pretty, um, gross listening to her, you know, um — how do I say this? The walls are thin. Let’s just say that. I mean, no one wants to hear his sister having sex, let alone with a married dude who's, like, almost twice her age and who has eight kids and a maybe-crazy wife. Ick. Nast."

On April 26, just seven days after photos were released showing Jon and Deanna together at a bar at 2 a.m., the two were photographed sunbathing in his family's front lawn while his wife Kate was out of town.

Jason says he is coming forward to try to help his naive sister. "She's a nice girl, not a homewrecker," Jason tells Us Weekly. "He is a bad liar. This isn't healthy for her. But she is refusing to help herself, so here I am trying to help her myself. I hope this clears the air."

May 12, 2009 UPDATE:  Kate Gosselin is rumored to be having an affair with her bodyguard Steve Neild.

Check out what TLC has to say about the tabloid rumors.

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I'm truly disgusted with how everything played out with this. I still love the show but I think that since they are in the eye of the public, some concelling of some sort should have taken place. Every marrige has it rough spots but I believe if these two would have attempted to pull through then many couples out their would and could have looked up to them. It's a true shame. And no one can put any blame on kate. Jon knew Kate and he must've liked it because he married her. So everyone who wants to blame kate for this whole mess and pity Jon, don't. Jon is the one who f***ed up so whatever. And everyone can say that kate is a nagger bleh blah, but I'd love to see how everyone else would do with 8 kids. I mean damn I thought that this show was the most realstic out of all of them. There is actual fighting between spouses! YAY! finally some realism. Kate has to be organized or else everything and every moment would be an unhappy one. Get the job done now and play later that way everything is more fun, less stress! Also those who want to complain and start picking at the way she looks, don't be jealous. Shes a mom who actually wants to take care of herself, good for her. As for Jon, yes in moments we all must feel bad for him, but if the dude would think first before he act then none of this mess would've come about. I feel terrible for this family, and I'm disgusted with how many people out there are so close minded. On that note, just stay out of their business. Sorry that this TV show can't be a fairytale with a happy ending. Just remember this is the real world not some cartoon or romance novel. There are no scripts, thats just "The Real World" bullshit. Gah I hate people, they suck.


** Jon and Kate- It's NOT too late! Take a year off and salvage your marriage. We'll watch your show next year.
You don't have to answer to anyone, especially the media. NOBODY has a perfect relationship and yours is no different. We're on your side. You can pull through this... Sally


Deanna is a homewrecker. MORALS are VERY important to have if you are teaching our young kids in school!
Same situation happened to me (except that I was a great wife/mother/lover)--my husband was a teacher at a high school in Redding, CA (weird, huh?) and a not-so-happily married young "christian" goody-two-shoes fellow teacher named Sarah Crye . She started hanging out in my hub's classroom during her free period, then after school, complaining about how her husband didn't listen to her, or give her attention, etc.
Then they got physical and she felt so bad she actually fessed up to HER husband about it. Some "Christian" she was! Then she got mad at ME for calling her a homewrecker! That's what they are, and they should know that if you screw a married man, you will be labeled accordingly. She will also be losing her teaching job as a result of her little "fling"--I guarantee it and will personally see that it happens. And I don't feel the least bit sorry for HER!


Whether they are sleeping together or not. Is Deanna the type of teacher that should be education children. Aren't having morals a part of teaching and running around with a married man would violate moral content. I live in PGH and our teachers would be fired and be disgraced for acting this way


You know, what gets me is the fact that everyone wants to say "this is bad for their family" and "this is going to hurt the kids" but people won't back off. All the publicity and nosy people is whats going to kill their family. As if it isnt hard enough for Kate to think that her husbands having an affair, she has to be humiliated by the whole world also know. I have one baby and one on the way, and me and my husband have problems because we're stressed. These people have 8 kids, they may have a lot of help, but can you imagine the stress?? LEAVE THEM ALONE.


Jon said his mom said life is all about choices. So Jon knows he made a choice to be a husband, and father to 8 children. In the "marathon of memories" I just watched, often he said that he and Kate would always be together, and they wanted their kids to know that, so that's why the vow renewals. Jon and Kate have ony one choice and that is to stay together, fix the marriage, and for the next 13 years follow through with what you started: be a family and keep working on it. Splitting is not a choice. It is not about the wants and whimperings of the parents. They are adults. You make sacrifices for your kids. We all do. If your love life sucks, or you get irritated or stressed out with each other...that's life! Buckle up! Jon and Kate: Suck it up and recommit. Your job is to provide a loving home for your 8 kids TOGETHER until they are 18 and can fly from your nest. Finish what you started. Pray on it, and fix it. Make the next 13 years memorable for those adorable kids. It's about them now, not YOU!


Jon and Kate plus eight. It's time to let it go. Kate has grown to big. She is not going to be able to keep people interested with just her talking most of the time. She is always complaining about something. Is it true she spends hundreds of dollars on one pair of shoes? Jon looks like a father of eight, Kate a person who was sent in to pretend. My wife never looked like that unless we were going out without the kids. I still want to be with my wife thirty years and five kids later.


I started to watch the Jon and Kate plus eight new season tonight. I had to turn the channel. Kate has never been one of my reasons for watching the show, but watching her act like poor me was too much. In this day and age alot of families are seperated. We may not be on t.v. but when at events where both parents are present we can be civil to each other for our childrens sake. It's time the show goes off the air and let this family go through this pain without all Kate's drama. Let's not cry and mess up the make-up


They have their problems, all couples get into conflict with one another from time to time. I have heard the rumors that Jon has cheated and that they have had problems for a while. (it is not a good thing and i do hope that it is not true). Anyway, they are very strong individuals who go through a lot of pressure and stress, after all having 8 children is not an easy task. I do hope they can work out their problems and talk to one another about all the things that they have kept to themselves for so long. They got to take baby steps and not let anger, the media and people's opinions get in the way.


I'm not surprised that Jon turned to someone else. From the beginning, it was obvious Kate had no respect for him and continually slapped him and put him down. It's not right that Jon had the affair. He should lhave left Kate before turning to someone else. Nevertheless, he needs someone who will stand by him and treat him as her equal, not as Kate treated him.