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The Biggest Loser WINNER Season 7 Helen Phillips (PHOTOS)

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the winner ishelen phillips

The finale of the NBC hit reality show The Biggest Loser was a three-hour special on Tuesday, May 12, 2009.  Two contestants, Tara Costa and Helen Phillips, were already in the running for the grand prize of $250,000.

America voted to see if it would be father Ron Morelli or son Mike Morelli competing against the women.   Millions of votes were cast and Mike was chosen to compete in the final three.  Tara, Helen and Mike were trained by Jillian Michaels, who has been the trainer for the last two Biggest Loser champions, both women.

Past winners were Ryan Benson, Matt Hoover, Eric Chopin (who, unfortunately has gained back 122 lbs), Bill Germanakos, Ali Vincent and Michelle Aguilar.

Nineteen eliminated contestants were invited back to weigh-in, strut their stuff and show off their new bodies.  They were also vying for $100,000.   The contestant, from this group, with the greatest percentage of weight loss was 64 year old Jerry Hayes from Wheaton, Illinois.  He started the competition weighing 369 lbs. and was eliminated in Week 2.  He lost 177 lbs. at home for a phenomenal 47.97% weight loss.  His current weight is 192 lbs - see his story on video below.

Helen started the competition weighing 257 lbs.  She lost a total of 140 lbs, with her current weight at an amazing 117 lbs.  Her total percentage of weight loss was 54.47%.

Tara started the competition weighing 294 lbs.  She lost 155 lbs, for a total percentage of weight loss of 52.72%.   Her current weight is 139 lbs.

Mike started the competition weighing 388 lbs.  He lost a total of 207 lbs. and currently weighs 181 lbs.  His total percentage of weight loss was 53.35%.

The Season 7 Biggest Loser winner of the $250,000 grand prize is Helen Phillips, 47, of Sterling Heights, Michigan.  She was clearly the dark horse of the final three.  She worked hard, didn't make waves, and in the end was able to blow away her toughest competitors to win it all.  Well done Helen!

Season 8 winner Danny Cahill is about to undergo plastic surgery to remove his excess skin--the procedure will be performed courtesy of The Doctors. See Danny's excess skin and hear what Season 5 winner Ali Vincent had to say about skin removal procedures - link here.

Check out the transformation photos below.

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helen you are god


hele mui bueena conpetidora


The more you take responsibility for your past and present, the more you are able to create the future you seek.


Congratulations to Helen on winning season 7...We in the UK are three quarters way through the series and i could not stop myself from looking online to see who won as i said all along to my husband "watch out for the dark horse Helen"Mike and Ron were brilliant and all the best to them to help Mike's brother...he needs all the love and support he can get and i am sure he could do it...Love the show....Jane and Mike from Wales UK..


I admire you guys so much. I am fat myself. 10 times unsuccesful trials actually. (I am 22 and I diet ever since I am 10 years old.) You are all strong and estoundishingly cool people. I do amire every single one of you.


That was series 7 i meant!!!!!


Hi im from England and we are just in the middle of watching series 3. I absolutly love BL USA but really dont like some of the contestants in this series,they (Heba and her puppets) are major game players and i think they have forgotten why they are their!


It's nice to see that they advocate working to lose the weight and not surgery. Way to go Helen.