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Lauri Waring Sues Ex Husband Phillip Waring

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lauri waring

Real Housewives of Orange County's Lauri Waring is suing ex-husband Phillip Waring for $12,000 per month to help supplement her $400 a month income.

TMZ is reporting that Lauri works as an actress and insurance agent earning $400 a month, while her ex earns about $360,000 a year.

What confuses me is that Lauri tied the knot with real estate tycoon George Peterson in September 2007.  So what gives?

View photos of Laura Waring and George Peterson below.

lauri waring and george petersongeorge peterson and lauri waringlaura waringlauri waring george peterson

photos: WENN

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SLAYTE IS A LAIR. THAT IS BULL SHIT. the truth is Sophia Lauri's daughter HATES HATES HATES HATES her father Phillip and hopes for him to die.


This is George's son, the son who always looked so miserable on the show and rumored to have run away, looks like his pent up frustration has met it's boiling point. Found this on TMZ.... 79. THIS IS SLAYTE!!! Not an imposter, the Real deal! I am George's EX son. Lauri is nothing but a golddigging bimbo and none of our family members like her or want her around. She does nothing in our home but check herself out on the internet and is so full of herself. Both her and George think they are Real Celebrities! They are a joke! She is the evil step mother from hell and nobody can stand her. I ran away from home 6 months ago because of the abuse George has done to me and my SISTERS! Before that he had me sent away because I didn’t want to be beat by him anymore and wanted to stay with my mom. Guess what George and Lauri, I am 18 years old now and you can't keep me from being heard now. You made sure that our lives were miserable these last few years while you pretended to be the great people that you aren’t, boy do I have a story to tell!!!! I want the World to know the REAL TRUTH about your fake Brady Bunch and the way you cuss at us all and the monsters that you are. I am Free now, but my sisters aren't!! They don't deserve to live like this until they are 18!! Why don't you tell the truth about what you did to us and my mom! You had everything George and you lost it all because you are an evil control freak who beats his kids till we do exactly what he wants us to do.
Stay Tuned. Posted at 9:53PM on May 23rd 2009 by SL8


The only reason lauri is going after her 2nd X is so she can leave her 3rd X, George Peterson, and support herself. She already receives over $3 grand a month in child support of her youngest kid so $12,000 will help her get by. I understand Lauri and George's marriage is in a lot of trouble and they are parting ways. With less than 2 years after hooking her meal ticket, Lauri will not be entitled to much, if anything George might have left of his crumbling business.