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Sacha Baron Cohen Sued: Richelle Olson Claims 'Bruno' Crippled Her

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bruno aka sacha baron cohen

Sacha Baron Cohen as 'Bruno'

Sacha Baron Cohen is being sued by Richelle Olson, an elderly woman who claims she was "crippled" by a 'Bruno' stunt.

Olson, Executive Director of Desert Valley Charities, is suing Cohen and NBC Universal for a stunt that took place in a bingo hall while filming the satirical movie "Bruno."

Olson was told that 'Bruno' was a celebrity and would call the numbers at a charity bingo game she ran for the elderly in Palmdale, California.  She was surprised when Cohen arrived dressed as an "extreme, outrageous, offensive caricature of a gay man dressed in sexually revealing clothing with and Austrian accent."  When he began using "vulgar and offensive language" she tried to grab the microphone from him and claims a "physical struggle ensued."

The papers allege that Cohen "offensively touched, pushed and battered" Olson, causing her to fall to the ground, where camera operators filming the event rushed on to the stage and "attacked (her) for a period of one to five minutes to intentionally create a dramatic emotional response...while (they) recorded her humiliation and embarrassment."

Olson says she was so upset by the incident that she left the room and passed out "falling forward onto the thinly covered concrete slab causing her to hit her head."  Olson was admitted to the hospital where she was diagnosed with "two brain bleeds" and claims she has been confined to a wheelchair and walker since the incident.

According to TMZ, Olson and her husband are suing for unspecified damages, including loss of marital relations.

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She's not elderly.. do better reporting


The comedy of Bruno is brilliant, while it can be shocking you still cannot help but laugh! Bruno balances wincing with embarrassment!


I got crippled too, fell down the theatre steps while laughing my ass off at Bruno! I hope comedy's grand master has enough leftover tape for Bruno II. As for "DEE CEE"'s earlier comment, here's a nickel, go buy yourself a sense of humor.


If she says there were camera operators filming, then where's the film? If she says it happened during a charity bingo game, where are the witnesses? This should be easy to prove true or false.


Yeah, no kidding. 39 is elderly?! Then I guess all you 14 and 16y.o. girls better start popping out babies so that they will be grown and able to take care of you in your "old age" when you are the ripe old age of 39.


Um, according to AP she's 39. If that's elderly, god help us all, eh?


I heard that the lawsuit was for only 25,000 if she was in it for the money I'm quite sure it would be for alot more money


I live next to Guido, and know that he's blind since birth, so he couldn't have seen anything! Hey neighbor, don't make stuff up.


I live 5 houses down from her and seen her walking fine without a walker yesterday. She's in it for the money.


He's disgusting and not funny.. ever.