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Megan Fox Thumbs Pictures

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megan fox thumbs

Well, it looks like Megan Fox's thumbs are a hot topic again.  As you can see in the pictures, they are quite...stubby.

With all of her assets people wanna focus on the thumbs?  Seriously?

Fox, an Angelina Jolie wannabe (who also thinks she's hotter than Jolie), has what many describe as "toe thumbs."

There has been much written over the past couple of years about her digits, and I'm not quite sure why they have become the topic of conversation again, but alas, they have.

UPDATE: June 29, 2010:  Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green got married.

So check out the obligatory Megan Fox thumb pictures below.

The sexy movie trailer for Jennifer's Body, featuring Megan topless here.

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Everyone who says this is a "flaw", it isn't! All of you low life's making fun of her please grow up. I have the same thumbs and having thumbs that look a tad bit different is the same as different noses and different heights and different eye colors. THIS IS NORMAL. How would all of you like it of someone said "EEWW YOU HAVE BLUE EYES EWW THAT'S F***ING WEIRD AND UGLY". Exactly. I'm proud of who I am.


I have the EXACT same thumbs! And im damn proud of them :) how many of you can say you have something in common with Megan Fox?


Look at the picture its completly fake, its 10 x more blurry where the thumg is and the bone just stops? Theyyctuly photoshoped some toe on there.... how can anyone think this is real....


Spa tech's must love her!
"So will that be a Manicure-Pedicure/Pedicure for you today then Miss Fox?" Ha!


its so sexy


haha euw, my mom and my brothers' got the same fingers...


Wow, I have those thumbs too!!! I thought I was the only one until I went to High School. A gorgeous girl had them too. My friends used to draw little pictures of them with horns and eyes, it was pretty funny. I really don't think they are that much of a big deal but then again i have them so it might make me biased. As someone said before I think being small minded is a bigger flaw, it just takes you longer to discover!


"I have toe thumbs too, thank you, and i happen to love them
nice to know miss fox does too besides, clubbed thumbs are said to be a sign of royalty? wiki it." It's probably a sign of royalty because of the inbreeding. Seriously.
Even though her thumb kind of freaks me out, I don't think a person should be judged on something that stupid. It's a thumb... and she's married to a hot actor who is obviously not shallow enough to judge her based on such a small detail.
On the other hand, she is shallow herself, makes stupid comments, and waaay overrated. Now those are the things she should be judged on. Not her freakish thumbs.


To the comment by the poster "Me":
Clubbed thumbs are not caused by thumb sucking because that behavior cannot change the shape of the thumb to that extent. It's an inherited recessive gene that for some reason causes the shortening and widening of the thumb tip. Thumb sucking is a habit done to soothe anxiety, so maybe your friend who "caught hell" for sucking her thumbs and her appearance was just insecure about all the negative attention she was getting about it for so long?


Wow really? who cares what her thumbs look like, no ones gonna be like "oh your thumbs are so gross, i cant even stand to be around you."