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Eddie Van Halen Sues Nike Over Frankenstein Design (PHOTOS)

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eddie van halen frankenstein guitar

Musician Eddie Van Halen filed a cause of action for copyright infringement on Friday in a Los Angeles court against Nike, the makers of NYX Dunk Low Premium athletic sneakers that feature his Frankenstein design - see shoe design below.

ELVH, a Van Halen company, contends that the similar Nike design caused irreparable harm and damage and asked for the seizure and destruction of all the sneakers, confiscation of the profits and damages.

Nike issued the following statement:  "Based on the information provided to us, we have not infringed on any rights held by Mr. Van Halen.  Nike's Dunk shoe design is not substantially similar to any of the Van Halen designs, and Nike has not referenced the 'Van Halen' name or image as part of any marketing campaign or promotional material associated with the shoe."

View the sneaker in question below.  What do you think?  Does EVH have a legitimate beef?

nike dunk low sneakers
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    @ Blue C

    Placing this in a Public Court Hearing, the influence upon the Public and also the Buying Public will be one of EVH having had some sort of Approval of this design. It is the exact color combination, and the exact differentials of each.

    If I saw these shoes on the walkway, I'd think they were Eddie Van Halen's.
    When I read this, I saw an infringement untoward Ed's creative process. I'm going to do a search on how active this matter is right away.


    The people at Nike probably said "Eddie who?" This lawsuit is absurd and will end with EVH losing.

    Besides the shoe pattern isn't even the same as his "Frankenstein". In Nike's pattern the lines are all the same thickness and arranged diagonally as opposed to the hap hazard thickness's and vectors of EVH's pattern.


    Eddie Van Halen is the best guitarist of all time, but I think he's losing it. He's suing Nike for the dumbest reasons. The shoe doesn't even resemble the Frankenstein guitar design, or even close to it. In retrospect, Nike had sued other companies in the past for copyright infringement and they had proof. EVH doesn't. He's just trying to make an extra buck.


    Anyone that is in any way familiar with Van Halen will instantly recognize the design on the Nike shoe as a spot-on copy of Eddies guitar paint job. Yeah, sure, it's random and was done with tape and spray-bomb cans- so what! Eddie came up with it nearly 30 years ago. It's his signature as evidenced by the fact that both Kramer and Fender are paying him licensing fees to use it on EVH replica guitars! This fact alone will sink Nike's case. I can't believe that Nike had the cojones to think they could pull this off... on the other had I suspect that it was done intentionally to generate hype- and that they (Nike) figured that since they are going to have to pay Eddie anyway, they might as well get some free publicity from viral marketing.


    Well Nike has been known to market whatever they want without permission or paying for it. My dad Joe the destroyer Hammond is a victim of similar circumstance clearly using his name without pay. We need greater lawyers than NIKE or they will continue to make billions without paying others!


    Nike, back off. First, you claim the insignia of a Greek goddess as your label, Now ya wanna go and take something that is created by and represents someone else AGAIN!!!! Get your own material, Phil. I live in Beaverton, and I'm not impressed with your marketing strategies. OR your damned shoes- they're too freekin narrow, dude.


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    Yes, he has a case. I agree with Will. Anyone who knows that guitar design would be reminded of it when they see this shoe! Nike didn't have to use that. Think up something else on your own. Reminds me when a music artist redoes a song of someone elses! Be a bit more intelligent enough to think up your own song. Same here. It's the random stripe pattern that is the giveaway. But also the colors. Of all colors to use too. Very Sad! I hope he wins.


    HELL YES Eddie has a case!!!! That shoe looks just like his design and I bet that the person who designed that shoe is a Van Halen Fan and thought no one would notice! And the CEO's of nike probably have never heard or seen any of the first albums, They probably wouldn't know a good song if you hit them over the head with it! YOU GO EDDIE!!!!
    GOOD LUCK!!!!


    i agree with will. hello he designed it. What gives nike the right to take what evh designed. he will win

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