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Farrah Fawcett: Son Redmond O'Neal At Funeral (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

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farrah fawcett and her only child redmond oneal

With the passing of actressFarrah Fawcett on Thursday, June 25, there was much speculation about whether her son Redmond O'Neal would be able to see her before she died.  A Los Angeles judge did allow two temporary furloughs over the past few months but her son was only able to speak to her by phone in the days leading up to her death from anal cancer.

We are now told that Ryan O'Neal was able to convince a judge to allow the couple's son to attend his mother's funeral.  Farrah's son has been undergoing intensive drug treatment at a remote California prison.  Court Commissioner Jane Godfrey has signed a release order that allowed Redmond O'Neal to remove his prison garb and put on a suit and tie to attend his mother's funeral, which was held at a Catholic cathedral in L.A. - see details here.

According to court records, Fawcett's son is responding well to rehab treatment at the Pitchess Detention Center in Castaic and is due back in court in July.    He is reportedly devastated by his mother's death and has committed to his sobriety in order to honor her memory because he promised her that he would stay clean.

Ryan O'Neal recently sat down with Barbara WaltersThe taped interview took place just a few days before Fawcett's death.  He told Walters that he planned to marry his long-time partner...but sadly that did not happen.

View photos of Ryan O'Neal, grieving as he left the hospital yesterday following the death of his long-time partner.  See FUNERAL VIDEO BELOW.  Funeral photos available here.

Griffin O'Neal was barred from attending the funeral.

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Photos:  WENN

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