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Michael Jackson Children and Debbie Rowe (PHOTOS)

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Michael Jackson, the 50 year old King of Pop, died yesterday after receiving an injection of Demerol.  He is survived by three children, two of them with dermatologist nurse and former wife Debbie Rowe.  FUNERAL PHOTOS HERE.

Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. was born in 1997.  His sister Paris Michael Katherine Jackson arrived in 1998.  Jackson divorced their mother in 1999, and the children remained with Jackson.

A third child Prince Michael Jackson II aka Blanket was born to a surrogate mother, with Jackson as the sperm donor, in 2002.  He is reportedly confused about where his father has gone.

We are told that right now the three siblings are with Michael Jackson's mother, Katherine Jackson.  It seems likely that the biological mother of Paris and Prince will attempt to regain custody of the children, and according to California law, she very well may pull it off.  With an undisclosed inheritance awaiting the youngsters, one can safely predict that a court battle will be waged that could take years to resolve.

CUSTODY UPDATECNN is reporting that on Monday morning, June 29, Katherine Jackson petitioned the Los Angeles Probate Court for guardianship of her deceased son's three children.  A hearing in the matter is set for August 3, 2009.

Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff granted Katherine Jackson temporary guardianship of the children, but did not act on her petition to become administrator of the children's estates (value unknown) or take control of Michael Jackson's estate.  Debbie Rowe revealed on Thursday, July 2, that she will seek custody of the children - details here.

View photos of Debbie Rowe, Michael and the three children in our gallery below.  Note that in many cases, the kids faces are obscured by veils and mardi gras type masks.

We have uncovered details about Michael Jackson's cardiologist, who was a full time employee at Holmby Hills.  He's not the only one.  It turns out Michael Jackson's dermatologist Arnold Klein may be the biological father of Jackson's two oldest children.  Other reports indicate that Miami mobster and Jackson moneyman Al Malnik is the father of Blanket Jackson.

OK! Magazine put Michael Jackson's death photo on their latest cover issue.  Debbie Rowe has filed a lawsuit.

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Deb only wants to be the Birth mother when there is this $$$$$$$$ but has soon has that $$$$$ runs out she play role of WHO ME NO IM NOT MOTHER I DONT EVEN KNOW YOU watch she will do that she is asking fora bitch slape. I think the kids should go to MJ sister Janet


paris prince and I regret very much for your father .... the king of pop .... I loved and forever adorer Michael Jackson forever in my heart


there would be no other King of Pop like Michael Jackson. he would always be the King.


This is such sh*t and the media that prints false information like this above should be sued -
"Michael Jackson, the 50 year old King of Pop, died yesterday after receiving an injection of Demerol. He is survived by three children, two of them with dermatologist nurse and former wife Debbie Rowe."
Perhaps 'Meg' having these results the DAY AFTER the man's death should contact the Jackson family so they can have a little peace of mind concerning the cause of death. Heres hoping you all get sued!!


I hope that debbie does not get the children I hope that they stay with some one that loves them and has been in there life from day one. And not just pop up now for the money because thats what its for. If she was so concerned about the children like she is in the news now she could off had her lawyer to contact the jackson to make sure the kids was ok and that she did not do. I believe that she wants the money. But you no since she is sayen that michael jackson is not the father and she wants her kids then she could take them with not one dime of michaels money and let the father who father them take care of them nothing personal just business. Mj has done hes job with his kids so now let the real father and so call mother step up to the plate. back up debbie row you are not and have not been in the kids life so go a way like you was before.


i am very saddened by Mr. Jackson's untimely death. I am not exactly his biggest fan but i practically grew up with his music. waking up one day finding out that he had already left us is so unbelievable. I do not know if anyone shares my sentiment about Mr. Jackson, but i wish he was still with us, not for the songs, not for the concert, but for his kids, for his own redemption. I hope he had that before his time came. May God bless his soul.


I believe the children desrve to be with Michaels parents! their mothers arent fit to take care of them nor do they know much about their children! I say everyone should do as Michael says in his will!


I'd like to bring this to the Michael Jackson fans attention. Michael did not hate his father, but Michael did, dislike his father. They are a strong family, that comes together for the sake of each other, because of their pure love for each. Michael put his father's name in his first born son name = "Michael Joseph Jackson Jr." If Michael had hated his father, Joseph name would have not been in where on his child birth certificate. His much love for his mother showed in his naming of his daughter = "Paris Michael Katherine Jackson. Michael put his name side by side with his mother. The very reason why Michael dislike his father so much, is because of the afair Joseph had with another woman, that caused his mother Katherine to leave for weeks and not even talk to Michael. That was unforgiveable to Michael, because his mother is the only one he could truly trust and that loved him for real always and forever, and Joseph had also hurt her dearly was the other reason for Michael's dislike of his father.


I hope the children are allowed to stay with Michaels parents. The mothers need to think of the children, they have been around grand parents for many years, and the mother hasnt. I hope your state has Grandparent rights, mine doesnt and its a shame. My daughter messes up and is in jail, ex boyfriend jumped on the chance to file for full custody of the children. Im ashamed at what my daughter did, but she is paying the price for it now. They were not married, but she and the chldren lived with me the past two years. So, I a grandparent mean nothing to the state of Florida. I dont even have a right to see my grand babies, although I have helped raise, educated them the past two years, and given unconditional love to them. The father called dept of child abuse on me, and I and mom were both investigated and the case was closed, we were both good people. What schocked him was they went to his home also, and he failed his drug test. He hasnt given my grandson his medication for asthma for a month. He had coke and pot in his system. Still no grand parent rights. It surely sucks! He let my grand daughter call me today, and she asked me mamaw when can we come home. I told her as soon as she could. Of course, I didnt say when your dad releases you to do so. He has filed for full custody, and supervized visits with my daughter, atlthough he had coke in his system the same as my daughter did and is in jail for. I had registered my grand daughter for kindergarten this year. He just didnt want to pay the 400.00 a month child support for two children. He is also driving on a suspended license and has the kids in the car with him. What happens when he gets pulled over with the kids in the car? Since I have no rights to my grandkids. I do have a notarized letter from my daughter stating Im to make legal, medical and schooling deceisions for the children, which I find out is no good in Florida. I dont have money for a attorney. I pray for a way to get my grand kids. His girlfriend is also a alcoholic and sent test messages saying he doesnt watch the kids, she does so we better watch how we talk to her. I know my grand children miss me and their older sister who is not his child. Doesnt he see that she wants to come home, where she had a stable life, heard no fighting for two years, and was able to be with her sister. I hope everyone writes congress and anyone else that can help with the grand parent rights to be restored.


kids look like they could be related more to Madonna's kids than to Jackson.