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YouTube Wedding Dance VIDEO

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kevin heinz and jill peterson

When Kevin Heinz and Jill Peterson decided to get married, she thought it might be fun to jazz things up a bit by turning their walk down the aisle into a dance routine.

Peterson admits that she has been dancing all of her life so she came up with the idea of choreographing a big entrance by her wedding party.   The big day took place at Christ Lutheran Church in St. Paul and the guests were very impressed with the unique entrance of the seven bridesmaids, five groomsmen and four ushers.

The groom was urged to share their special moment with the rest of the world so he downloaded the video to YouTube on Sunday.  The bride and groom are both shocked and amazed that their little video has had 1,297,659 hits so far.

The Minnesota couple appeared on the Today Show on Friday and the entire wedding party appeared LIVE on the Saturday Weekend Today Show to recreate the dance.  We must admit....the sequel wasn't nearly as entertaining as the original - check out the new version here.

Check out their creative wedding entrance dance routine below.


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I saw this on youtube and thought it was AWESOME! Then, I made the mistake of showing it to a friend who is getting married in 2010. Now she insists that we COPY J&K and do this when we're entering the reception hall after the ceremony... even to the SAME SONG! It was cute when J&K did it, but now it's TACKY when other immature brides want to COPY IT!


This brought me to tears of joy and fun...I watched it four times when I first found it. Come on America....there is still fabulous clean fun and smiles out there just behind all the frowns and fears. J and K have made a wonderful contribution to the happiness of the American heart. Thank you, J& K from my happy heart!


Are you kidding???? Soooo fun!!! It might look a bit silly but what a wonderfully creative idea to make her day uniquely their's!!! hats off! I LOVE IT!!!


You "upload" videos to YouTube, not "download" them...


Yeah it does look stupid and the best part of it is that it's great fun. I wish my Wedding had been as much fun. Not that it wasn't but that sure beats a traditional entrance. Not sure of the re-enachment but hey, maybe they got some money out of it? God bless em! Brian


Sounds like you (germie) are a barrel of fun!


Oh come on Germie, get a heart for goodness sake.
It was lovely, genuine, original and fun.
Just wish them well and be happy.


This was the stupidest thing I have ever seen and I can't believe that they are going to make these people re-enact this damn dance.