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  • carrie prejean sues keith lewis shanna moakler
  • carrie prejean sues keith lewis shanna moakler copy
  • shanna moakler sued by carrie prejean

Carrie Prejean has filed a lawsuit against Keith Lewis and Shanna Moakler, co-directors of the Miss California USA pageant organization prior to and during her short-lived reign.   Prejean opted to sue the pair for revealing that the pageant organization paid for her breast implants.  She also claims they engaged in religious discrimination, libel and slander.

Moakler stepped down as co-director in May after pageant owner Donald Trump sided with Prejean and allowed her to remain Miss California USA.  As it turned out, Miss California's reprieve only lasted a month before Lewis mounted enough evidence to convince Trump to send her down the road.

Prejean, first runner-up to Miss USA 2009, is believed to have lost the national crown with her answer to the final question posed by judge Perez Hilton.  When asked about her stance on same sex marriage, she said that she believed that marriage was between a man and a woman.

Court documents filed in Los Angeles reveal that the co-directors instructed her to stop mentioning God, and fabricated that she had missed several scheduled appearances, which led to her dismissal in June.

Prejean's lawyer Chuck LiMandri said that his client is also suing publicist Roger Neal, who handles press for Miss California USA.   Court documents indicate that he released inaccurate and derogatory information to the press.

According to Prejean's attorney, she made her decision to file a claim only after the Miss California USA pageant organization failed to provide any proof that Prejean violated contract agreements.  In fact, there is reportedly not a shred of evidence that Carrie had missed a single event.

The lawsuit does not name Donald Trump, owner of the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageant organizations.

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 tiffany shepherd as leah lust

Tiffany Shepherd, the Florida teacher fired after racy photos of her showed up on the internet, is making headlines again for her new career as porn star Leah Lust.

Shepherd, 31, was fired from Port St. Lucie High School in April, 2008, after bikini-clad pictures of her were posted on a fishing charter boat's website.  Shepherd moonlighted as a "bikini mate" on the boat "Smokin Em."

Shepherd unsuccessfully tried to find employment, reportedly sending out 2,500 resumes.

Gil Coombes, captain of the very fishing charter that got Shepherd fired, also conveniently owns a porn webcam studio called KLC Productions.  Coombes said he sat down with the former teacher and told her she would never get a teaching job again.

After losing custody of two of her three children to her ex-husband, and being evicted from two apartments, Shepherd felt porn was her only option to get her kids back.

"I need money for the appellate court and raise my three kids," she told  "I've tried everything, every avenue.  Last year, I refused $10,000 to strip, then I had to pick between paying rent or buying Christmas presents."

Appearing as Leah Lust, Shepherd has filmed five features, and occasionally appears online via webcam for KLC Productions.  Ironically, she portrays a teacher in one of the films, titled "My First Sex Teacher."

When asked how she would feel about her former students watching she said, "They'd be adults now anyway, but I don't care what people think.  Those who'll criticize don't pay my bills!"

Tiffany Shepherd on CNN and Leah Lust - From Teacher to Porn Star videos below:

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big brother pandoras box

WARNING: This post contains spoilers which have not yet aired on Big Brother 11 regarding the Mystery Door and Pandora's Box.

Secret Room and Pandora's Box spoilers:

Live feeds have been a source for Big Brother 11 spoilers , and many are looking for clues to find out what Pandora's Box is all about.

What we know so far is that Kevin is this week's Head of Household.  He nominated Jeff and Michelle for eviction, however, Michelle won the Power of Veto, leaving the door open for Kevin to nominate Jordan, pretty much sealing Jeff's fate.

Kevin was given an instruction card, showing him a Mystery Door at the back of the HOH room.  When he entered the room, he stuck his hands in a large box, where he was handcuffed.  It is unclear whether or not he was instructed to put his hands in the box.

The live feeds show the houseguests gathering money raining from the sky.  There is speculation that Jeff collected the most money and was offered the choice of keeping the money or exchanging it for a key to free Kevin.  He apparently chose the latter option, and the key unlocked Pandora's Box.  The rumored twist is that the box contained a "Diamond Veto,"  that overrides Michelle's veto, which would effectively take Kevin off the block.

Of course all of this is speculation at this point, since the live feeds were blacked out much of the time.

Watch Big Brother 11 video of Michelle's breakdown and Kevin's HOH win below: 

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tedy bruschi after third super bowl win

Three time Super Bowl winner Tedy Bruschi has announced this morning that he is retiring after a 13-year NFL career with the New England Patriots.

He had only one goal not realized---a fourth championship.  The 36-year-old inside linebacker suffered a stroke in February 2005 and made an amazing recovery, joining the team after just eight months of rehabilitation.  Unfortunately his performance declined in 2008 and he was sidelined during most of the team's recent training camp.

Coach Bill Belichick paid him the ultimate compliment when asked about Bruschi.  He chocked up and admitted, "How do I feel about Tedy Bruschi?  He's a perfect player."

Bruschi was pleased with the admission.  When asked his reaction, he replied, "That's something you'll never hear during your career.  To have him say that to me is probably the best compliment he could ever give me."

Tedy, of Filipino and Italian descent, and his wife Heidi Bruschi have three sons: Tedy Jr., Rex and Dante - see photo below.

View Tedy Bruschi press conference comments below.

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 perez hilton rumor

You can credit Ashton Kutcher for perpetuating a Perez Hilton rumor via Twitter.

Ashton (@aplusk on Twitter) tweeted a few comments about a Perez Hilton rumor last night, saying:

Is the perez Hilton rumor true? Holy s**t!!!

I was at a dinner party and every one was going off about it.

I'm not saying anything till there's confirmation too gross.

An obscure Twitterer posted a link to a 2008 April fools prank from a celebrity gossip site claiming that a man was pregnant with Perez Hilton's love child.  The article included quotes from Perez saying Paris Hilton gave them the courage to go ahead with their plans.  The rumor was spread via Ashton Kutcher's three million plus followers.

Unfortunately, the article featured a photo of Thomas Beatie, the first man to have a baby, creating a storm of controversy over Kutcher's comments that the rumor was "gross."

Kutcher has been uncharacteristically quiet on Twitter, and has not, as of this time, posted any response.  His latest update after the comments about the Perez Hilton rumor was:

Thinking about growing beard for the winter.

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Actress Jennifer Aniston is currently filming The Bounty alongside actor Gerard Butler.  Rumors continue to fly that there is romance in the air for the two after they were observed holding hands in New York.  Jen's publicist has denied those reports and offered a clarification, saying that they were with a group of friends.

Jen recently weighed in on speculation that she and ex-husband Brad Pitt have a strained relationship.  "In contrast to what people say, Brad and I have a very cordial relationship.  I admire him a lot for what he is doing to help other people and I think he is an extraordinary actor."

As for whether or not the two have actually kept the lines of communication open...who knows.

Photo:  WENN

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kara dioguardi records no boundaries

Kara DioGuardi, fourth judge last season on American Idol, wrote a song that was to be the first recorded single of winner Kris Allen.  He received the scorn of the Idol judges when he performed it during the season finale and was told that it really didn't fit his voice.  Cowell was the most critical, even taking a few snipes at DioGuardi during the live broadcast.

When the American Idol Summer Tour launched in July, No Boundaries was set to be part of Allen's nightly performance selections.  He dropped the tune after a week, citing the fact that it slowed down the momentum of the show.  OUCH!  

Since nobody else appeared willing to turn her song into a hit, DioGuardi took the initiative to record No Boundaries herself, with a studio version popping up on YouTube this week.  Check it out below.

We've also included bikini pics and a video of 11-year-old Kara DioGuardi singing.  After viewing the two videos below - see the diva drama between Kara and Katy Perry on American Idol - pictures and video.

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Actress Demi Moore fully trusts her husband Ashton Kutcher and his producing abilities and will appear on his upcoming drama TV series The Beautiful Life.  Her last TV appearance was in 2004 when she had a role on Will and Grace.

Moore has been on the set of Ashton's series, even lending a helping hand in the production.  Demi has had offers but has made a habit of turning down television offers, including the hit sitcom Ugly Betty.

The 46-year-old will play an ex-model who is obsessed with plastic surgery.  The new role has the potential of turning into a recurring gig for Demi.

Photo:  WENN

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Rolling Stones veteran guitarist Ronnie Wood worked out his own divorce settlement instead of leaving it up to the court system to decide.  This became necessary when Wood's marriage fell apart after he was caught having an affair with 20-year-old Russian waitress Ekaterina Ivanova in July 2008.

Jo Wood, Ronnie's wife of 23 years,  has agreed to a settlement of $17.25 million, which is half of Ronnie's fortune according to News of the World.  She will also get the family mansion in Kingston Vale, England and receive a monthly allowance as well.

Jo surprised her estranged husband by signing up for the U.K. show Strictly Come Dancing - see photo below.  Ronnie and Jo have two children together and each have one from a previous marriage.

The only snag in their settlement agreement hinges on their Irish mansion--the very place where Ronnie reportedly romanced and fell in love with Ekaterina....word is that Jo wants it sold!

The above photo was taken of Jo and Ronnie a few months before they split.  View photos of Ronnie and Ekaterina below.

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vanessa williams hosted 36th annual daytime emmy show

The 36th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards were held on Sunday at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles, recognizing excellence in daytime television programming.   The event was broadcast on the CW channel and was hosted by gorgeous actress Vanessa Williams.

See Primetime Emmy Award Winners 2009 , Photos, Red Carpet HERE.

Best Drama Series:  The Bold and the Beautiful

Best Lead Actor:  Christian LeBlanc from The Young and the Restless

Best Morning Program:  Good Morning America

Best Game Show Host: Meredith Vieira from Who Wants to be a Millionaire

Best Talk Show Host:  Barbara Walters, Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Elizabeth Hasselbeck, Sherri Shepherd from The View

Best Talk Show - Entertainment:  Rachael Ray

Best Talk Show - Informative:  Tyra Banks

See complete winners list here.

Check out the television celebs with their trophies: Jeff Branson, Julie Berman, Kevin Clash, Tamara Braun, Sandra Oh, Susan Haskell, Christina LeBlanc, Rachael Ray and Tyra Banks.

Among those walking the red carpet were Cameron Mathison, Sean Kanan, Tracey Bregman, Kirsten Storms, Lesli Kay, Tatyana Ali, Jennie Garth, Portia de Rossi, Ellen DeGeneres, Rachael Ray, John Cusimano, and Darin Brooks - view gallery below.

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