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Sherri Shepherd Bathing Suit Body Revealed on The View (VIDEO)

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the women of the view

Sherry Shepherd revealed her bathing suit body August 6th on The View.

Last night Sherri tweeted:

Thank you so much to EVERYONE for the encouragement about me doing my bathing suit... tomorrow's the big day!!! I know you all been rooting

Shepherd announced her plan to reveal her bathing suit body on The View in May.  She followed through this morning, strutting her stuff in a black one-piece bathing suit with pink and white trim, and black high heel pumps.

Shepherd worked with a nutritionist and trainer during the Bathing Suit Challenge, with a few glitches along the way, but the hard work definitely paid off.

Shepherd was surprised at the end of the segment  with a table full of her favorite foods.

Notably absent for Sherri's big reveal was co-host Whoopie Goldberg, who "has the day off," according to Barbara Walters.

Check out Sherry Shepherd in a bathing suit below.

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Did we really have to see this? Did it really have to come to this? Are the ratings that bad that we need to resort to these ruthless tactics?


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