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John Mayer's Mother Falls Down at My House Night Club (PHOTOS)

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John Mayer and pro skateboarder and actor Rob Dyrdek of the hit reality show Fantasy Factory, were out on the town with their mother's last night.  Mayer and his mother Margaret, an English teacher from Bridgeport, Connecticut were joined by Drydek and his mom Patty at My House in Hollywood.

As they were exiting the L.A. night club, Margaret Mayer fell down and was helped back to her feet by her musician son.  It appears that she was none the worse for wear after losing her footing while the paparazzi were swarming.

The men were dressed in matching dark blue velvet blazers that featured their initials on the lapel - making them looks like English frat brothers.   Fashion hit or decide.

View more photos below.

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UPDATE 12-28-2012:  We have received several e-mail messages from someone claiming to be Margaret Mayer ... and insisting that these photos are not her likeness.  In the interest of full disclosure, we are sharing that information with our readers.  The WENN images contained the identifying information that we provided in 2009.  If anyone knows the true identity of the older woman with John Mayer ... please let us know.

Photos:  WENN
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Please correct your misinformation. That is not John Mayer's mother, Margaret Mayer. I am Margaret Mayer. I am John's mother. That is not my photo. This is insulting. Now that you know, I'm sure that you will take down your post.


Jerks is too nice...


Thats NOT thier mothers, they went on dates with thoose lady's
Robs mom is a short sweet little white haird lady
(who appeared on his show many times)


His mom is a pretty lady.