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Jon Gosselin Has a Black Eye and Stitches

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jon gosselin prior to black eye and stitches

TLC reality show dad Jon Gosselin was sporting a heck of a shiner and showed evidence of stitches on his eye brow on Thursday morning when he waved goodbye to his kids as they headed off to their first day of school on the big yellow bus.

With all of the antics that the soon-to-be-divorced father has been involved in lately, it wouldn't seem like too much of a stretch to imagine that someone had popped him in the eye.  Not so says his rep.  The real 'skinny' is that the Jon & Kate Plus 8 celeb whacked himself in the eye when he opened a kitchen cabinet door in the dark.

Check out the shiner here and do let us know what you think.  Do you buy into the kitchen accident or was he involved in a scuffle.  We have no reason to doubt the man's rep but.....we do feel the need to play devil's advocate.

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That looks like almost a half inch gash, what are the cabinets made of, surgical steel that's been honed like a razor? How unsafe for dozens of children...Interesting he used the most common excuse beaten women use - the door hit me in the face. Hailey on a drunken rampage?


Oh come on, this is hardly a "shiner." I could totally see how opening a cupboard into the eye could cause this. I don't like the guy, but seriously, this is no big deal.