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Woody Harrelson Loves Weed

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woody harrelson

Hey "we're all drug addicts", at least that is what Woody Harrelson thinks.  The actor has not hid his love of marijuana, openly smoking it during a recent Playboy interview at his home in Hawaii.

Woody is confused by the fuss and can't understand why the drug isn't legalized and why people think he is high all the time.

"I've seen it printed that I'm a marijuana activist, and I understand that, but it's really just something I enjoy.  Folks may have a drink...People may want to pop a pill before going to a party - that's not for me.  Cocaine freaks me out.

I like the mellow vibe of herb, its uninhibiting effect.  For me, it's a better drug than any of the others, and since we're all drug addicts, I don't think it's a bad choice.  Whether your drug is sugar, coffee, sex, exercise or religion - everybody has something.  I was two years on ADD drug Ritalin; my brother was eight years on it.  If you didn't have a drug addict before, you had one after.  You have someone who's forever chasing the dream."

You almost had us there Woody until we remembered the whole illegal aspect and associated threat of jail or prison.   We think we will stick to our coffee addiction!
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We will stick to our coffee. Who is we? Because i'll choice a joint over coffee every and anyday. Please speak for yourself and not me.


"You almost had us there Woody until we remembered the whole illegal aspect and associated threat of jail or prison. We think we will stick to our coffee addiction!" Oh come on Missy. 1. I bet you've never tried it. So don't knock it before you've tried it.
2. If that explanation by Woody didn't convince you, you're obviously either not listening to the man, or just plain closed minded.


I agree...that last comment from the person who wrote this article " ill stick to coffee". OK fine, but don't knock it cause you think your going to do some jail time. How many illegal things have you done in your life? Obviously whoever wrote this never smoked. I hate it when journalist, news itdiots do articles on people when just comes off as condicending. Media..ignorance is bliss. Oh yea....have you ever seen anyone come down from CAFFEEN??? ...similar effects as an alcoholic...ummm...yea...ill stick with my GREEN! GO WOODY!


Coffee is not so damaging to the body. And Marijuana is even less damaging than coffee. Woody makes some good points. About everybody's addictions. And most of the addictions are far more damaging than a simple green plant. MJ is only illegal because of corrupt men who made it that way through propaganda and lies, in order to take more control over the people and get richer. Everyone please educate yourselves.


Greetings and aloha Missy, We appreciate your article on Woody's perspective on smoking herb. In many respects we would have to agree with his outlook. I can understand your disapproval. The incredible propaganda machine which was responsible for instilling such fear, anxiety and misconception over a plant which has been used peacefully for countless numbers of years and has produced the most crucial life essentials, free of anyone, and I say again anyone ever being harmed by it, reveals the true ability of man to deceive his fellow brothers and sisters for the lure of money,power and control. I would ask any person out there who is fearful of Cannibus, Marijuana,Ganja, Herb etc. To simply ask yourself why was it made illegal? Check out the facts for yourselves. There are plenty of resources online. I ask all who are in search of truth, justice and positive progress to not judge this very important matter simply according to what you've heard as opposed to what you know. onelOve Here are a couple of links: Hemp Revolution Part 1 Rick Steve's -Marijuana: Its Time For A Conversation