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Octomom Beach PHOTOS, Nadya Suleman and Kids

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Nadya Suleman aka Octomom spent Saturday at San Clemente State Beach with four of her older children and one of the octuplets.  The kids played in the sand and swarmed around their mother while photographers snapped away.

Suleman claims to look better than bikini clad Kate Gosselin, a sentiment she shared on the "incredible unseen footage" that was recently aired by FOX.  She must have thought better of sporting a swimsuit and opted instead to wear a full length halter dress for the occasion.

View the Nadya Suleman beach photos below - click to enlarge.  We've also included a photo of sextuplet mom Kate Gosselin and we'll let our readers be the judge of who has the best post-baby bod?  Do let us know what you think.

Also check out the photo of Nadya Suleman in a HOT red bikini.  More photo here - including Octo-tots first birthday party pics and video.

Photos:  WENN


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    Really?!? The children are suffering? When ? Where? How? I've seen no evidence of suffering at all! That bitch Kate could NOT have taken care of six newborns all by herself!! I guess she should have aborted a few........ Some babies get that bald spot, it's when their head goes flat that you should worry. This pic of Kate is after she has plastic surgery to fix her flabby ass stomach, where do you thing the money came from? Do you relly think she is ripping us off more than the gov. does every single day? The got to $14 trillion in debt somehow.


    you'll nver see her in shorts or an un-airbrushed bathing suit pic because she's covered in nasty crotch tattoos


    I would gladly tell this octomonster just how I feel about her scamming the gov't ( us ) for untold amounts of $, right to her face. Karma dictates that she will get what she deserves. Like they say," Time wounds all heels"


    What was that? The only way Kate could care for her children is to use the media interest? She has 8 kids. They actually know who their father is. Two people CAN support and care for 8 kids BY THEMSELVES, excuse me, without HAVING to use media interest.

    Dumbo Nadya, on the other hand, DID IT ON PURPOSE because she WANTED to use the media and be so-called famous. And the only reason there is no neglect is because she has all those round the clock babysitters doing the actual work.....No human being should PURPOSELY have so many children that it becomes IMPOSSIBLE to care for their basic needs alone if FEEDING, DIAPERING, etc. ESPECIALLY if their plan is to rely on the taxpayers to finance their fiasco.

    I am disgusted by the selfishness of this woman. She has gotten away with far too much already, even before the birth of the octuplets. By the way, it don`t take much to be a better mother than Nadya, internet aside.


    She deserves all of the ugliness that has been shown. There is no one else to blame it on. The reason people hate her so much, is because there are 14 children that are suffering and will suffer from her sick behavior. We are all hoping for the best for the children. And yes, that's exactly why act like this, for the children. Someone, not their mother unfortunately, has to care.


    I can't believe how vile you all are in your comments toward this woman. I'm no Nadya fan, but good heavens....

    The baby looks healthy and fine. My own 9-month-old daughter had a huge bald spot on the back of her head up until recently, when her hair finally grew back in (hallalujah). It comes from lying on her back to help reduce the chances of SIDS. We switched her from side to side to avoid having flat head syndrome, which comes from the infant favouring lying with her head facing one side over the other, usually in the direction of her parent's bed if her crib is in the same room with them.

    Nadya's children should remain together with their siblings AND their natural mother. To split them up would be beyond cruel to the children. The best thing that could be done for them is to make sure they have sufficient financial support so that remain clothed, well-fed, medically cared for and educated. Whether it was right or wrong for Nadya to have so many children, she sure has them now...and the ONLY way she will be able to afford their care is to use the media and our interest in her and her children to make whatever money she can. The same goes for Kate. I wish them both luck and as much material success as they can manage.

    For those who question Nadya's ability to care for her family, perhaps our continued interest in her and the resulting spotlight will help insure that she does right by them. In the meantime, regardless of what we may think of Nadya and some of her decisions, we have NO proof of neglect or abuse of any kind. Zero.

    I'm disgusted by the ugliness that has been shown toward this woman. There has been far too much stone throwing here, and I doubt that many who are doing the throwing are the paragons of selfless personal virtue and motherhood that they would like to imply in their comments, all posted through the anonominity provided by the internet.


    I say good luck at least she didn't murder her babies with abortions. It will be hard to bring these children up without support from others. As they say jealousy is a curse. When I was growing up some families were 12, 13 and you had protestants’ with 2. Next you will have to report her because the children have 5 toes or 1 head or god forbid 4 limbs. Even if they were to go up for adoption it doesn’t mean you are going to get one of them.


    I just took a look at the pic of the baby and the lack of hair on the back of his head which is quite obvious made me cringe. I call that neglect but I suppose if this is as bad as it gets, agencies put into place to protect children from neglect won't make the call.

    The better bod? How about the better mother? Both these women would fail miserably. It aches me that the money these small children are raking in is being spent on mom's wardrobes and plastic surgery.

    Welcome to the world of "Let's Amuse Americans at Any Cost."


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    2 adults and 5 kids is not a bid deal. She and her girl friend have it easy. The nannies left at home with the litter are doing the dirty!

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