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Cynthia 'Cindy' Mort Jodi Foster Break Up

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jodi foster dumped by cindy mort

Cynthia 'Cindy' Mort has dumped Jodi Foster for former girlfriend Amanda Demme.

Foster, who left her live-in love of 14 years for Mort, is said to be "shell-shocked" over the break up, according to the National Enquirer.

The two-time Oscar winning actress publicly acknowledged her relationship with film producer Cydney Bernard in 2007, when she accepted the Sherry Lancing Leadership Award at the Women in Entertainment breakfast, referring to Bernard as "my beautiful Cydney."

She later left Bernard for Mort - a writer/producer, whom she met while filming The Brave One in 2006.

Now, according to The Enquirer, Cindy has reignited a romance with Amanda, a well-known, Hollywood club promoter and the widow of film director Ted Demme.

Interestingly, Amanda has also been romantically linked to Lindsay Lohan.

Photos of Jodi Foster, Cydney Bernard, Cindy Mort and Amanda Demme below:

Photos:  WENN

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Well Jodi it appears you now know what it is like to have someone think the grass is greener with someone else. You had a 14 year relationship that you tossed because you felt that temporary excitement that one realizes when navigating a new path and that path led to a dead end for you. Sorry, but you have just been taught an important lesson in life. As a straight male I have been taught the very same lesson and although quite bitter it is something one has to learn, hopefully before you end up alone as was the case for me. The greatest regret of my life. I wish you the best and hope that you can find what you are looking for. It is sad when we find that we had what we were looking for all along and simply didn't recognize that gift.


Jodie is short for Josephine DiAngelo, her aunt. Alicia was so attached to Josephine, her siblings nicknamed her Jo D. Sad childhood with totally wacked Lesbian mom. Mom's lover's name was Josephine.


My dear Jodie, you have not had enough trials and tribulations. I'm sorry this had to be a public thing for you. God bless you and yours.


Sherry Lancing? Does Sherry lance Susan Boils?