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Kate Gosselin New Hair (Photos, Video)

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Reality show mom Kate Gosselin has been a guest co-host on The View for the past two days and was sporting a new curly hairstyle on Tuesday morning.  The look on today's show was decidedly different from her signature asymmetrical bob with the spiky back.

The hair stylist who works in the makeup room on The View was the one who talked Kate into trying something different.  We have photos that show Gosselin as she was heading to the studio this morning and from yesterday's show and in both cases, she is seen with the same hairdo that we have come to associate with the Jon & Kate Plus 8 celebrity mom.

It appears that when Kate hit the makeup chair this morning, the stylist convinced her to try a curly hairdo.   As seen in the photos and video below, the sides of her hair were bouncy and had a much fuller look.

UPDATE 2010: Kate Gosselin has yet another new look.  She spent 20 hours getting a total hair makeover by celebrity stylist Ted Gibson.   The process of color, cut and application reported cost $7,000.  The process from start to finish was recorded by TLC for an upcoming episode of Kate's new reality show.

Check out the old and new looks for Kate - including her new 2010 look in photos and video below.

Jon Gosselin has hooked up with a rich new girlfriend, Morgan Christie.  He met her on the slopes of Utah - see pics and details here.


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ewww, i hate it. it looks so fake and it does not fit her face. but i guess shes trying to look younger or sexier or whatever. ugh!




Definitely much better than the "Kate".


Hit and Hit


I don't like either hairstyles. Miss and miss. Two misses.


Forget a quick make over lift. She needs to get her life in order and go back to work and let someone else raise her children., with compassion, love and nurturing values., to be happy.


I love her hair. I think with everything that is going on she should try something different. Best of luck Kate!!!! Keep it up!!!