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Jon Gosselin: Cara and Mady Birthday PHOTOS

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Jon Gosselin picked up his twin daughters from their school bus stop on Wednesday afternoon.  He was in Wernersville, Pennsylvania to celebrate with Cara Gosselin and Mady Gosselin, who turned 9-years-old on October 8, 2009.

The soon-to-be divorced father of eight had been whining all week to anyone who would put a microphone in front of his mouth that he was only allowed to spend two hours at the family residence between 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.  As it turned out, the family did come together for the sake of the twins.

Kate Gosselin, who did a hilariously funny video sketch on Jay Leno Tuesday night, was reportedly cordial to Jon and the party went just fine, with Jon staying long enough to put the kids to bed.

The mother of eight was reportedly reluctant to be in the same room with Jon after he spent the entire week doing a media blitz with his wacky new lawyer that further alienated his already furious spouse.  Oh..and there is also the little matter of the $230,000 that went missing from the bill paying bank account.

ET reports that Jon gave Mady a laptop and Cara has been promised an ATV that had a shipping delay but will reportedly arrive in seven days.

Just another day in the continuing saga that is ALL about hear Nancy Grace tell it.  See their heated exchange here.

View more photos of Jon, Mady and Cara on their birthday below - click to expand.

Photos:  WENN

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aw! they are adorable. I can't believe they are nine already! they are growing up sooo fast!


Jon is a bully and a liar. His wife never stopped him or tried to stop him from seeing his twins. She just suggestedf that they share the twins time at home that evening evenly between themselves - so that jon and kate would not have to see each other - since jon had been telling the world how much he hates kate.