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Jim Nantz Divorce Drama and Mystery Girlfriend

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jim nantz and lorrie nantz in happier times

CBS sportscaster Jim Nantz has been embroiled in a messy divorce that played out in a Connecticut Superior Court last week before Judge Howard Owens.

The 50-year-old has yearly earnings of $7 million at stake and blamed his wife of 26 years, Lorrie Nantz, for a marriage that broke down irretrievably over ten years ago according to his testimony.  The couple have a 15-year-old daughter Caroline.

Lorrie is seeking alimony and child support in excess of $1.5 million a year.  She also wants the couple's six bedroom, six bathroom home in Westport, Connecticut.

While Nantz admits he has a 29-year-old girlfriend who he met while traveling to promote his book Always By My Side in May 2008, he assured the judge that by the time they two met, the marriage was long over.

This apparently was not information that Lorrie had been made privy to because she told the court she was still attending marriage counseling at that juncture in order to shore up their relationship.

Nantz said that his wife lost interest in his career when their daughter was 2-years-old and it was at that time that she quit traveling with him.  According to his testimony, her favorite past time has been shopping.  Lorrie has reportedly spent in excess of $1 million over the past nine years at Ed Mitchell alone, a high-end Westport clothing and jewelry store.

Mrs. Nantz told the court that she did attend major events with her husband, included several White House dinners during the George W. Bush administration.  As proof, her lawyer showed the judge a photo of the couple posing with the Bushes and Queen Elizabeth II.

UPDATE: The judge ruled that Nantz will have to pay his wife $916,000 per year in alimony until he dies or she remarries.  Their 15-year-old daughter Caroline will receive $1,000 per week until she reaches age 18.  The couple's Westport home was also awarded to Lorrie Nantz.

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I am a woman, but did you ever think that perhaps his wife not supporting him, spending his money recklessly, probably denying him sex, could have contributed to him seeking out another woman. I'm not saying it was okay for him to have a girlfriend before they divorced, (I certainly don't like adultery), but sometimes spouses behind closed doors are tyrants, control freaks, and use other tactics to tear down a marriage. I have always loved Jim Nantz, and despite his infidelity, I believe there were many underlying problems that pushed him over the edge and in a moment of weakness, he succumbed. He was far from a serial cheater like Tiger Woods. From things I read, he was very tearful in court, so the man showed some deep remorse.


Jim Nance....Tiger Woods one in the same....Want everyone to follow them around and if that doesn't happen - go looking for someone to hold their hands and tell them how great they are. Jim Nance professed to be so great and wonderful.....and he is robbing the cradle...Makes me sick... He probably has children older then is mistress.


Jim Nantz is such a hypocrite, making comments about Tiger. He should be more concerned with his
own actions and divorcing his wife for a much younger
women. He should take his anger and comments out on the 'financial lashing' his ex-wife gave him for all the
deception and cheating he did to her and his daughter.


Yeah, Jim needs to shut his mouth. Him saying he would have been fired if he had said what Tiger had said on the course...of course he would have... he's working in a commentator booth holding a microphone and not playing competitive golf in contention at the Masters on Sunday like Tiger was.


We all have our problems and your no different than Tiger. So big deal you didnt swear on camera a lot easier to control than after hitting a bad shot. So grow up !


Nantz is just another hypocrite!


Be careful Jim what you say about Tiger onTV seems you have your own problems to take careof. I am sure other golfers have said a few bad words while golfing BUT the camera wasnt on them.


Interesting article. Where did you got all the information from... :)


Nantz got hosed! If he lives to 80, he will have paid this woman close to $30 million post tax! His $7 million per year (much less when you take out taxes and his agents/manager's cut) will result in his ex living better than him- while doing nothing accept shopping. Who was his attorney? Disgraceful.