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Tracy Morgan Offends Fans at Carnegie Hall

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tracy morgan offends fans

Last Friday night 30 Rock star Tracy Morgan took the stage at Carnegie Hall to perform a comedy show entitled Hard Knock Life, as part of the New York Film Festival.   The funnyman's in-your-face delivery ended up offending many.

NY Daily News called Morgan "unspeakably filthy" much so that many guests left throughout the duration of the show.

Tracy's humor included talking smack about homosexuality, drugs, pornography and various sex acts.  The comedic star did tell the audience, "You want the clean Tracy?  Turn on the TV."

Read more on what Morgan had to say at PopEater.

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How Tracy Morgan ever became famous in the first place is a miracle! He has no talent what so ever!


My girlfriend and I attended this show and were of those to walk out. I'm FAR from prudish in my commedy choices, but dude was just not funny. By any scale. I prefer Pryor/Murphy to Cosby in terms of cursing, but f-bombs were literally every other word. He obviously wanted to play it closer to his corner roots than his 30 Rock character and he definitely nailed it, but it was more like "keeping it real . . . dumb". As far as his topics went, well I think you'd have to be very, very talented to successfully pull off 20 minutes on your love of "gagging" both in porn and in his personal life. The funniest thing about the show was that I believe Comedy Central was hoping to air it. I can't imagine 5 minutes of what I heard total going unbleeped.