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SNL Tiger Woods Skit VIDEO

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snl tiger woods skit

One of the highlights of the NBC weekend television lineup was a Tiger Woods spoof on Saturday Night LiveBlake Lively played the part of Elin Nordegren and Kenan Thompson was cast as the wayward PGA phenom.

We find ourselves in the CNN Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer courtesy of Jason Sudeikis, in a series of statements by Tiger, followed by several breaking news segments - check it out on video below.

We've also got bios and photos of four of the girlfriends who have come forward thus far:  Rachel Uchitel, Jaimee Grubbs, Mindy Lawton and Jamie Jungers.

UPDATE: Tiger Woods mistress count is now seven and mounting...they are because he did.  We've put together a comprehensive look at the burgeoning harem - see bios, pics and video here.

Another humorous SNL skit was the White House gatecrashers.

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I think that Tiger needs to file a real police report and have her locked up. Abuse is abuse, and she is a nut that does not need to be around those kids. Dump her and take the kids and let her go back to her baby sitting job. She needs a life of work to appreciate the comfortable situation she is in, and not be abusive. If that were a man who caught her cheating, and beat her with a gulf club it would not be treated as a joke.