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Kate Gosselin Starts Off the New Year with a New Look

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kate gosselin hair extensions

Kate Gosselin is starting off the new year with a new look, sporting hair extensions for the cover of People magazine.

"I'm starting over. It's good to have hair again. I never thought I'd have short hair for as long as I did. I feel like this is a fresh start, a fresh me, a fresh life. I'm rebuilding. There's no option for this not to be a good year," the former "Jon & Kate Plus 8" star told the magazine.  “Now I get to start over in a new year, with a new self and new goals,” she said. “Oh yeah – and new hair!”

Although ex-husband Jon Gosselin hasn't weighed in on Kate's new 'do, his ex-girlfriend Hailey Glassman, who is accused of trashing his New York City bachelor pad, put in her two cents about Kate's new look:

"I like it! It's a little shocking due to how short it was before. I think a new look is a new start and happier times. She's like fine wine. Better over time. Did I mention how great her body looks? I wonder who her surgeon is?... Jon always gave her sh** about having short hair. Props to Kate. She can now be a MILF!"

More new hair photos here.


super fake looking.. youd think with all that money she could afford a better weaver ahahaha


I apologize for the spelling in my first post. Not typical of me.


Good going. You know, I blamed kate for most of the crap and why th emarriage tanked. But after seeing and hearing Jon open his face and talk, I blame it on the show. sorry, statitically, most families or shows about "reality" (loosley used) end up pretty dramitically ie.. Jon and Kate plus Eight. I honestly fell bad for the children. Their parents divorce and attitudes have been immortailized on televison for th ewhole world to see and one day they to will witness humanity and attention desperation. I wish them both a happy life and I pray the children are well taken care of. Kate... darling, you can't raise children in front of the tv if you are on the tv.....get my drift??


The colors are horrible. She messed up. O.o