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Katy Perry Lacy Tights and Skimpy Leotard PHOTOS

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katy perry lacy leggings and leotard

Singer Katy Perry was photographed yesterday parading to and from a Hollywood studio in some revealing dance togs.  She was sporting black lacy tights and a skimpy grey leotard.

The musician was a guest judge last night on American Idol and managed to butt heads with Kara DioGuardi.  We're not sure if their little feud was trumped up or a real clash between divas.  Check it out on video below.

View photos below and AI video.  More Katy Perry photos here.

Photos:  WENN


Ooooh sexy. Who cares? She has the body for it. And if she was rehearsing, then let her wear what's comfortable for her. I really like her judging stint on American Idol. I love how Kara became the Paula of the panel.