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Christina Hendricks Breast Implants Gone Wrong (PHOTOS)

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christina hendricks lopsided

Mad Men actress Christina Hendricks appears to have a significant size difference between her right and left breast.  Several recent red carpet events seem to point to the same lopsided issue for the 34-year-old.

According to her bio, the ravishing redhead was actually born a blonde in Knoxville, Tennessee.  She plays the seductress secretary Joan Holloway -- portraying someone with brains, large breasts and bravado.

Hendricks claims that her breast size is not the result of implants.  She is quoted as saying, "I didn't get a boob job.  It's who I am.  And I'm lucky to be on a show that celebrates it."

The phenomenon of having uneven breasts crops up from time to time in celebrity photographs.  So much so that we have compiled a pictorial gallery of celebrities who fall into a category we call Breast Implants Gone Wrong.

Check out Christina on the cover of Essence - who named her 'Best Looking Woman in America'.


View Christina Hendricks photos below.  See her voluptuous New York magazine cover photo here.

Photos:  WENN


The size difference R to L is part of genuine nature. Christina's are no larger than my 2nd wife's and hers differ a bit as well. Vive la difference!! Imperfection is part of the perfection of nature. Ms. Hendricks is fabulous from head to toe.


These breast are faker than fake, even a blind man could see that.
What the hell was the surgeon thinking, I think they look horrible... I have breast implants as well though i didn't get ridiculously big implants that's why they look quite natural...
what's the matter with the current beauty image?
I can't unserstand why some people consider breasts as beautiful which look like two halfs of a basketball are under the skin.


It is very common to have different sized breasts. It's is obvious that most of these breasts are FAKE, but because they are using all kinds of things in their clothing to push them UP, it's very difficult to get them to be identical.


Okay, first off, boobs are different sizes. My left boob has always been bigger than my right. This is blindingly obvious to all women ever. Secondly, her body leans toward an apple type, which means she gains in the upper body more than the lower body, so when she gains weight, it goes to her boobs. I am the opposite, I gain in my butt, hips and thighs. The boobs come last. That's all about genetics. We've all seen the women who are fat on top but have great legs. Again, Ms Hendricks isn't a total apple, she's a little more even than that, but still. And she doesn't gain much in the butt at all. I have a friend who is exactly the same way. She gains weight and it goes to her boobs and hips. Simple body type here. Thirdly, as Sondra pointed out, corsets will make your boobs sit up and beg. I can, right now, with a full B small C cup, make my boobs pop like that just by pressing the bottom half of my boobs up and flat against my ribs. They do that exact same thing. They pop up like a pair of fluffy muffins. So not implants. We can't just leave her be can we? She's lovely, leave it at that.


I think this is a cruel article, and there are some really ridiculous and unkind comments on it too.
Almost all women have different sized breasts, it's completely normal. It's also blindingly obvious Christina has NOT had breast augmentation - they look completely natural. I think she is a beautiful, curvy woman.
My only criticism would be that she wears bras that are far too small in the cup, giving her that extreme cleavage. If she wore her correct size which is probably about 32HH, they wouldn't have that 'pushed up' look.


Come now Ian, can't she be fat and have implants? I personaly think she is both fake and chubby. Her boobs would be big anyway but udders that size are quite frankly impossible in proportion to her body. Just look at their size and shape. And as you can she from the rest of her body she is on the big side. I have nothing against so called "Curvy" women. I just hate the fact they take attention from the really beautiful women with natural curves like the gorgeous Sara Ramirez.


Her boobs are not fake, she is just overweight.
all fat chicks have big boobs. she isn't curvy she is fat. Kelly Brook is curvy. so sick of fat women being called "curvy" she is a big fat moma. leave it at that.


Emily, yes a bra may not make breast bubble up like that, or give you the crease, but a bustier or well built corset will, and it is a well known fact the Christina Hendricks got hooked on 50s-era underwear during the filming of mad men, and has taken to wearing them off set. Rob, yes her boobs are definitely smaller than in that 12 year old photo, but so is her stomache and hips. Her waist is definitely smaller than the 30-inches it is now, and she most certainly did not weigh 154 lbs in that photo. When a woman looses weight one of the first things that goes is her breasts, the same thing can go for gaining, especially in an active woman. At the end of 2008 I was a 34A, I am now a 38 D, I have not gotten any implants, but I have gained 20 lbs. Why is it so hard to believe that the same thing could happen to a celebrity? And to Mikki, as I have stated Christina Hendricks has found a new love in old fashioned underwear- have you ever personally worn an authentic boned corsette? Wearing one can totally change they way you look at the way you look at yourself. No wonder she's so excited about her figure, she found a way to appreciate her curvy figure.


Christina had implants done; that's not for debate! If you need evidence of it, the Playboy pictorial she's posed in above shows what she looked like before she had augmentation. However, with or without them, she's just as beautiful. Man, if there was ever a woman I could get with on this planet, Christina would be my top pick. I... love... redheads, natural or not. This message was written and approved by The Rob.


it can't happen if you have no implants, anyway, think it's just about bra, probably one side push more than other :)
she's lovely, even with two different breast size's :)
in the matter of case, think that it's just a normal staff.