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Stephen Colbert: "Sarah Palin is a F**king Retard" (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

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Sarah Palin is being ridiculed for using her own personal hand-o-prompter to provide talking points during the National Tea Party Convention in Nashville, while knocking Barack Obama as the "charismatic guy with a teleprompter."  The crib notes were: energy, budget tax cuts, and lift American spirits.

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs took an opportunity to mock Palin during a press briefing.

Palin's use of her palm as a cheat sheet really irked political satirist Stephen Colbert. He took up the discussion on his show last night, pointedly mocking her speech.  The comedian went on to revisit the subject of Palin's call for Rahm Emanuel's firing because he used the word "retard" while excusing Rush Limbaugh's use of the same word because it was merely satire.  At that point Colbert offered up this nugget: "Sarah Palin is a f***king retard."

Another hot political jewel today is the Miss Me Yet? Bush billboard.  The signage depicts a smirking George W. Bush giving a little wave.

Check out Palin palm reading photos and the Colbert video below.

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Sarah Palin Uses a Hand-O-Prompter

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I'm late but funny posts, who "hates" her? I don't hate her I think she is a walking hypocrisy who plays the victim card constantly to make money and in the same breath does the exact same thing she criticizes. No hate here just pity for you sheep who follow her, besides the posts ripping Colbert I see nothing that actually explains her anger against the left but, forgiveness if the right does the exact same thing, then again that's the way of the GOTea


Why is everyone so scared of Sarah. For Colbert to try to degrade Sarah or anyone with a special needs child is SICK. Karma will get you Colber. You are a low life person. I can see you are a very sad and miserable person is sheeps clothing. You will do and say anything for ratings, but this is scraping the bottom of the barrel. Grow up and try to be a real man.


Mr. Colbert:
Third graders can express their thoughts and ideas without resorting to the use of foul language to try to emphasize their point. That is a sign of intelligence, which Gov. Palin apparently has, and uses. Too bad you cannot express yourself without the rudeness.
You have lost a fan.


Hmm...ever wonder why the, I mean the Progressives so rabidly hate Sarah Palin? I mean, they don't just dislike her, they practically vomit vitriol whenever her name is even mentioned. To paraphrase Shakespear, "You doth protest too much." In other words your protestations against her are way out of proportion to anything she's ever said or done. Hollywood has made a cottage industry out of attempting to shout her down, and the organized smear campaign put together by the "unbiased" media is unprecedented. What are you all so afraid of? Could it be that the regular people of America see something in her that threatens your very livelihood? Maybe if she got into power she might expose you all for the eliteists that you are, eh?


Nothing but class, Stephen. Low class, that is. Is this what passes as clever political satire today? Calling someone a (profanity) retard? If that's the case Mr. Colbert, I'll just shut your show off when it comes on, and go sit in the rest room stall at the local truck stop. I'm sure the political discourse that can be found on the wall there is of a slightly higher quality than what can be found on your show.